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Lets talk about exercise...

Kettle Bells..... I just started doing them today. I do cycle hard 5x week for 45-60 minutes. If you do KB's do you do singles and doubles or only 1 or the other? I did 75 reps of each.. LOVED IT!

I would love to hear how long, what changes you have had and which exercises you do with the Bells!


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Hey I've been doing 2 handed swings for over 2 years.

I aim to fail at 50 reps and have worked my way up to 40 lbs.

I do them right before an Occams workout after under eating.

Under eating is a version of intermittant fasting that I do every day, not just on my workout day which is once a week.

I use a T handle so have never done one handers.

I used to do less reps at higher weight but then switched to 50 because that's what's reccomended in the Occams chapter.

PS the swings go really well with 5/5 tempo barbell squats.

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