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Need some Snack ideas....

I'm having some problems lately sticking to the diet (lately being the last month?). I had amazing success the first month, then it kind of fell down the tube after that (went on vacation, rhythm was thrown WAY off)

Right now I have some cottage cheese (which I keep forgetting about). I might not be eating enough during B,L,D...


2 Eggs scrambled, 1 breakfast sausage (26g protein) with 1-2 cups broccoli


6-8oz meat (Steak, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Ground Beef)

Current/Bad Snacks...(or what is probably destroying my diet)

- Cookies (Obviously BAD!)

- Diet Soda (probably 20+ oz a day)

- Energy Drinks (Officially cut this out of my diet again today)


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I agree with some of the other answers saying to try to cut out all snacks if possible but when you have to have something, it's definitely better to stick with some safe snacks than have to fight (and lose to) temptation.


- cauliflower pizza bites

- chocomole (no dates but maybe a bit of stevia...)

- black bean brownie

- kale chips

- zucchini chips (even though zucchini is not technically allowed, it is the one fruit that I always make an exception for... hasn't seemed to stop my weight loss at all but maybe I'll take it out if I hit a plateau) I also LOVE zucchini "pasta" and eat it about once a week (non cheat day). I ate sooo much pasta before this diet so it's just something that is a bit of treat for me on a hard day without totally ruining my progress.

Besides that, you can have a bit of peanut butter, jello, nuts, etc. ;)

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It is tough...for sure. I love cookies A LOT, so I make sure not to have them (raw dough or cooked) in the house. I read that having a little something fatty like a spoon full of Peanut Butter helps and it helps for me. So far I have been 3 weeks without diet soda and I have noticed I am less bloated even though I was only drinking 8 oz, but it did affect me despite how small the amount. Drink lots of water...water..water..water. Also I had to consciously ask myself why I wanted the soda. Did it help keep me awake during my night shifts? Well not really, I'd actually get really sleepy about 1-2 hours after I drank it. Can I live without it? Yes!

Try having some PB and celery sticks for a snack. I also have some Beef Protein powder (just beef and no other additives) from Olympian Labs chocolate flavor. I mix one scoop with 8oz of unsweetened coconut milk and it's really good! Plus I get protein and get my sweet/chocolate fix.

Take it a day at a time and take joy in your successes whether it be not eating a cookie or not drinking soda for a day!


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Just curious how you got 26 grams of protein out of 2 eggs and 1 sausage! are they ostrich eggs? and do you not like black beans, pinto beans or any beans? i bet if you upped your low carb intake and added veggies and some beans you would not get those cravings for cookies and all the bad stuff! If i get a craving for something i'm not supposed to have, or even a hint of one, i get a dab of peanut butter on a spoon and eat it slooooooooowly! it works, then drink a full glass of ice water. You have to want to lose weight if you are cheating you are only cheating yourself!

What really saved me the first week or two was the peanut butter and celery sticks, also avocado with salsa and celery sticks. I think the first 2 weeks on the SCD i probably ate too much peanut butter, but at least i didn't eat any bad stuff. Maybe just start at the beginning again, like you did when you first started and go from there!! hope you get back in the groove. Tomorrow i'll be on this for 2 months and today i finally hit the 20 pounds lost mark.

  • Stephen Bidgood commented Oct 9th 2012:

    Congratulations on your 20 pound lost mark, that's fantastic! I've lost about 10 or so pounds, which feels pretty good for me, I hit some big milestones prior to vacation and am slowly heading back. I do like beans, but I honestly cut them out over the last week or so to try to break a plateau (it has...KIND of worked).

    2 Eggs = 6g each, the breakfast sausage (more of a true sausage I guess) is a chicken one with 11g (thought it was 14...) of protein in it. =)


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Forget the notion of B/L/D and eat more all the time. I used to stick to the B/L/D thing and was hungry a lot. Wanted a snack bad. But then I just started eating extra meals (after breakfast, brunch, lunch, blinner, after dinner) and just ate more of the right stuff. I'd have some tuna between breakfast and lunch. A salad before lunch. A tin of sardines before dinner. A protein bar between before dinner and dinner and maybe one in the morning. Then whatever I had for leftovers after dinner until I stopped eating at 8. The notion of set meal times really messes with people and causes them to cheat. Just eat all the time. You cannot possibly eat too many calories if you stick to the approved foods (not the grazer stuff like nuts).



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One thing that helped me is I drink fiber packet added to water it's artificially flavored but it helps keep you full and didn't effect my fat loss. Also I make up tons of jello every week.


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you're likely snacking so much since you're not eating nearly enough veggies and not eating beans! You should be eating waaaay more veggies than a cup of broccoli a day.

Snack wise, I will slice up a whole cucumber, eat a little packet of nuts or cashew or walnut butter (I find it worth the extra money to buy snack packs since otherwise I can't control the portions). Kale Chips are also a great snack.

  • Stephen Bidgood commented Oct 9th 2012:

    Oh, I totally forgot to put 2 cups broccoli for lunch and dinner! (I do eat about 5-6 cups of veggies a day)

    I suppose another problem with my snacking is that I am not a fan of many of the things people are suggesting (nuts, cucumbers, celery etc.)

  • Danielle Waldo commented Nov 2nd 2012:

    I like cut up cauliflower, rinse it a bit and then sprinkle on some season salt, or grill seasoning. It's crunchy and salty. Usually, just what I am craving. I think of it as "popcorn"

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