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Cheat day- is it about calories, carbs, sugars, cravings, what exactly?

I'm doing great on the SCD but feel like I may be cheating myself on cheat days- so what are peoples thoughts?

what is the physical requirement/guideline for cheat days? is it strictly a calorie spike? loading up on simple carbs and sugars?

Is the physical requirement/guideline separate from the psychological side?

I'm asking for a few reasons- the main two being

- I don't have that many cravings for sugar and/or carbs and if I wanted could alternate a calorie only spike cheat day(think slow carb with some added protein shakes for extra calories) with a full on carb/sugar cheat day, but have resisted thus far

- My cheat day is Saturday and after my cheat breakfast, usually go to a restaurant and get 2 breakfasts- a 4 egg omelette with bacon and a waffle or order of french toast, I tend to be stuffed until dinner and even then it is a struggle to eat a full dinner (It's 10:42, at 8:30 I finally ate dinner- half an order of takeout drunken noodles)

by my generous calculations I have consumed at most 2400 calories today (thanks to the condiment bar at the breakfast joint we went to where I forced myself to load up my french toast with butter, berries and Whipped cream until I literally felt sick) which for someone of my size 5'11" 170lbs doesn't seem like enough cheat calories. I'm contemplating going to my local burger joint (finally feeling a tiny bit hungry) and getting a burger so I can get close to 3K calories.


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I just did a "cheat day" search and couldn't find the answer, but i had saved a response made by Minnesota to my pc the other day, so this is it:

CHEAT DAY TACTIC -Minnesota’s response:

"I guess the biggest thing that caught my eye was your cheat day. Trust me I know how awesome it is to eat whatever you want, but based on the foods you're consuming you may not be doing your body much good. I know you don't need a science lecture, but I'll just briefly touch upon how to make a cheat day most effective. The key is you want to stimulate leptin (a magic hormone that tells you're body you're full, also plays a role in fat loss so you want a lot of it).

The best way to replenish and maximize the release of this satiety hormone is to give your body something you've failed to give it throughout the week. For most SCDers, this means carbohydrates, and more specifically, starchy carbohydrates. Usually an SCDer will do well stuffing anything into their body, however, over time, you're body will replenish less and less if you don't spike it effectively. Effective spike techniques include eating lots of breads, pastas, grains, etc. Although eating sugary treats and fruits are also sources of carbohydrates, they don't release much leptin unless you stuff yourself until there is no room in your stomach. Foods that "fill you up," are the carbs that should be eaten on your cheat day

You can still eat your sweets, just be sure to overload on the breads and pastas and grains. Even if you aren't hungry, stuff it in! The work your stomach must put into digesting all of that will prevent your metabolism from downregulating, which may be your issue. Eating lots of cheese and fats on your cheat day does not stimulate leptin release, in fact, it probably doesn't do that at all. That's why people who are in ketosis always have carb-up days to replenish glycogen and to reset their leptin levels, once a week. I mean other than this issue I think you're just ready for something stronger; possibly Last Mile? If that's unrealistic, I would definitely talk to @Akane about modifications to the diet. She is a pro at maintaining SCD and skipping Last Mile

  • wombat commented Oct 15th 2012:

    interesting, so if I tried cutting bread/carbs I'd actually be doing myself a disservice!

  • Minnesota commented Oct 15th 2012:

    Could have been explained a little differently now that I look at it but I'm glad people are reading these lol.

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Don't count calories. Eat what you want to on cheat days. Make sure it's got the carbs your body is missing during the week. I don't think people need to eat until they are sick though. I enjoy pizza and beer, and some fats food as well. Don't ever feel like you HAVE to eat anything. Have fun, and enjoy life. Good Luck.

  • wombat commented Oct 15th 2012:

    Thanks- I normally don't count calories I just did this one time out of curiosity.


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I would also remind you to make sure you stay active on your cheat days, that way you can eat the large amounts your supposed to;) great question!

  • wombat commented Oct 15th 2012:

    It's funny- cheat days being saturday we usually end up doing a lot of walking, I think I need to add in more damage control.

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