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A couple questions about the kettlebell swing...

I bought a kettlebell last week, finally, after realizing that I'm going to have to spend the money on one eventually. I've only done them twice, the first time was basically just me trying to figure out the correct way to do it with the right form, and I think I've got it down (I watched several videos on YouTube as a reference). The day after, the back of my thighs were achy as well as my shoulders. As of today, the aches have subsided but I have this pain right around my ankle on my left leg. It almost feels like I may have pulled something. Could this have happened from doing kettlebell swings? It seems kind of strange to me because I've never felt any type of tightness in that area before. I believe I do have a minor case of shin splints, but they only act up if I walk long distances, which I haven't done, and this dosnt feel the same but it is very uncomfortable and sucks because I'm on my feet 9 hours a day at work. Anyway, the question is where should I be feeling aches at from doing the kettlebell swing? Any input would be helpful!!

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You may have a muscle imbalance there.

Check out the prehab chapter and start doing Turkish Get Ups.

The idea is that you get injured when you have muscle imbalances and that the TGU corrects this.

The swing has given me massive calves so I'm not surprised where you're hurt.

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