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Take all your pills in 10 seconds!

Fellow 4hbers,

I've just started a kind of a kickstarter thing to fund a way to get us an awesome supplement organizer and distributor so that we don't need to open 6-7 bottles per day anymore. Perhaps saving time and annoyance would be a great thing.... let me know what you think:



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Hi. These guys have combined the supplements into separate PAG and AGG products so you only need to take one tablet before each meal and at bedtime. I haven't used them yet so can't vouch for the quality but am just about to place my first order now

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a weekly or monthly pill case solves this problem and only runs a few bucks.

If you are going to put something on Kickstarter you should have someone proofread your copy before you post it- your post is very disjointed, and confusing.

  • Zuey Thanh commented Oct 10th 2012:

    Thanks for your input. The problem with a weekly and monthly case is that it's limited to a few pills.. You have to count each pill one by one and still have to open the compartments one by one. I might be wrong though.


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I have two problems and suggestions for you:

1) I like to have the amount of each type of pill sorted out. You'll need to label your compartments in this case.

2) I take more then 5 different types of pills. Will I need two of these next to each other?

I like my large pill box at home. Refill every 8 days, and amount is already sorted out.

I'm sure you've heard some constructive criticism before. Good Luck.

  • Zuey Thanh commented Oct 10th 2012:

    Hi Dsheehan,

    1. We could easily add a label with a sticker. Or even remove use the labels from the pill bottles since they're not useful anymore

    2. I wrote that the unit should have 7+ compartments. And you're right, we can put them one beside the other.

    3. How do you open each pill compartment for your large pill box?

    Thank you very much for your input. It's well appreciated!

  • Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan commented Oct 10th 2012:

    The pill box snaps open from the front individually.

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