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alternative to almonds/almond butter

I ran out of almond butter the other night so i looked in the cupboard for almonds and came across Raw Pepitas! a.k.a. Pumpkin seeds a quick look at the almond butter label next to the pumpkin seed label and they were close enough to send me to the interwebs for a further comparison at http://nutritiondata.self.com/ and here is a little of what I found

carbs/fat/protien (percent)

Almond Butter:14/78/8

Pepitas: 13/71/16

Advantage- pepitas!

Amino Acid Score (how complete is the amino acid profile)

Almond Butter: 66

Pepitas: 136

Advantage- pepitas!

Completeness (vitamins/minerals)

A.B.- 29

Pepitas- 44

Advantage- Pepitas!

Also the fat content/ breakdowns were pretty close to each other, carbs/fiber ratio was better on the pepitas, so that combined with the health benefit for men (helps prevent Testosterone from becoming DHT think prostate and balding) makes me believe this would be a good alternative to almond butter for bedtime- thoughts? what are you using as an alternative?

Please note that you want the untoasted Pepitas toasting them breaks down the good fats and perhaps other things.

I also take some ground flax along with this or my almond butter.

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