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Please help with sweeteners

Hello to all :) english is not great but i will try write good haha..

I'm 35 years old,from Croatia...My weight is terrible 130 kg (170 cm tall) and i'm diabetic 2 (on pills) ,i start today with this diet..and still reading book.

Can u tell me what to put in coffe because Tim said all sweeteners even stevia are bad..I can't drink withou nothing... (and i put really little milk in coffe twice in day,i know it's not good..but so love milk lol ).

Thank you!


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If you need sweetener use Stevia, or Nutrasweet. Going by the book Tim says he gets up to 16oz of Diet coke a day with no negative side effect. a little research shows this is more than four packs of nutrasweet.

based on this article I'd go with Stevia as it does not increase blood glucose or insulin.

Yes I know that is in direct contradiction to Tim's tweet but if you follow the link and look for stevia someone is asking him to give a yes or no on Stevia and his response is "Here you go: If it’s sweet, I suspect it will spike insulin. No sweets."

So I'd go with the research versus his guess.

  • sumogirl commented Oct 2nd 2012:

    Thank youuu! I will buy stevia then (even i try few times and didnt like taste haha...but ok...for health i have to change something ;) )

  • wombat commented Oct 2nd 2012:

    Stevia is way sweeter than sugar (up to 300 times sweeter) so use it very sparingly

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    Go cold turkey. Get that sugar monkey off your back. Cut out all sugar/artificial sweeteners. Don't make exceptions! :) All the people I've seen drink diet soda and include stevia/nutrasweet, etc....tend to lose more slowly and stall more often..sometimes gain.

  • sumogirl commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    I only drink water,sometime mineral water....No soda in my life..i hate coke and things like that ;) And little stevia in coffe once in day i hope wont make any bad :P

  • wombat commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    Try the stevia and if you aren't losing as much weight as you'd like try going without for a week or two and see if it makes a difference. Make sure you read the ingredients in whatever stevia you get and that the only ingredient is stevia - some have sugar alcohols in them that do have a glycemic index much higher than the Zero of stevia.

    Akane- the people that you see stalling are they using Stevia only or also nutrasweet or other artificial sweeteners? Stevia isn't sugar or artificial sweetener.

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    Wombat, it is a common notion that apparently ALL sweeteners...natural ones like pure stevia and artificial ones like aspartame actually "trick" the body into thinking it's the REAL thing. Thus, spiking the blood sugars(in an odd manner) and producing the insulin. Odd I know....but yes, what you suggested is good. I am just of the mindset of just getting rid of the sugar ALTOGETHER. The sooner you wean yourself of the sweet taste of "sugar" the better off you will be craving it less. :)

  • wombat commented Oct 4th 2012:

    ok, common notion sure, but the article I noted shows otherwise (as does most the research I have found)- I'm all for getting rid of Sugar.. hence Stevia I know this isn't the first time this has come up... I actually am hoping to experiment with this I just have to work up the nerve to ask someone if I can borrow their glucose meter.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Oct 5th 2012:

    Have to agree with Wombat. Yes it is probably best to cut out all sweeteners but there really is no clinical research that I have come across that shows sweeteners lead to weight gain. In fact in those that frequently consume sucrose as a large percentage of their daily energy intake, switching to artificial sweeteners has been beneficial. The only studies that tend to link sweeteners to weight gain are epidemiological ones, the junk science that many like Tim, Gary Taubes, and others warn against.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Oct 5th 2012:

    If anyone does come across clinical studies showing how sweeteners cause weight gain, or cancer for that matter I would love for them to post them, because this is something I have been searching greatly and am finding the opposite in such studies as

  • wombat commented Oct 6th 2012:

    JKW- If I recall Tim's issue with artificial sweeteners was that they could kill good stuff in your gut (flora, probitics, etc) I personally just try and avoid artificial things period, but that is just my preference! here is an interesting chart showing the glycemic index of sweeteners the article does say that eating sweets makes your body release insulin but the study I link to earler says that is not the case for Stevia and Aspatame.

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First of all welcome to this lifestyle, hope you stick around, I love meeting people from all over the world on this forum.

This is a tough one for a lot of people and definitely something that takes some getting used to...its kinda like drinking whiskey, no one likes it off the bat but some like me grow into and now love it.

Sweeteners are off limits but Tim does recommend two things which I've used with good success:

Ground cinnamon - For me it actually milds the flavor of the coffee a bit

Vanilla extract - a few drops of the real stuff goes a long way and really gives a great flavor. Be warned though because a few brands add a lot of sugar to it.

Heavy cream - its better to use heavy cream (whipping cream) instead of milk. A little goes a long way

One thing I have noticed a few people mention here and it makes a big difference in getting used to the flavor of unsweetened coffee is to make your coffee milder or lighter, aka use less grounds or more water. This i think makes the biggest difference. Hope it all goes well and best of luck!

  • sumogirl commented Oct 2nd 2012:

    Im using whipping cream but i put really little milk 2...i think that wont make problems... :P

    Thanks a lot!!

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    It will make problems, Sumo. If you find you are stalling or not losing at least a few pounds per week(cept during your cycles) then I'd suggest cutting out the milk. Even a LITTLE milk can spike your blood sugar and make you secrete insulin and start storing fat/water...then you won't lose weight. Just sayin'

  • sumogirl commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    Thank you....I will try like this one week so i will see...After i stop eat all white i think kg will go down...loosing 1-2 kg in week would be amazing...i dont want loose too much fast...because always i get back all + more lol

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    Sumo, exactly right. If taking out the milk doesn't make a difference...then put it back in...but sparingly. I just think devoiding of it altogether cept for on cheat the way to go. :)

  • sumogirl commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    Thanks a lot.. :)

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