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Well the first real SCD challenge is on me.

Hello all,

It has finally happened to me, I am in that horrible situation where I must be strong, for the next 4 weeks I am in Germany, and I can not store food here (in a hotel, and according to hotel staff any food in the room gets tossed) hoo and it is Oktoberfest, I have been to this city before (Amberg) so I am in the process of tracking down placed I can eat at.

Wish me straight and true on the diet.



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I'll be the devils advocate here and suggest you enjoy Oktober fest. Your pretty lucky to be in Germany for Oktober fest so live it up! The weight gain will not be substantial and weight comes off quicker than it goes one in most cases. Like the book states breakfast is the most important meal so make that the SCD meal of the day and enjoy everything else in some moderation. Walking everywhere too will help burn a few more calories.


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Good luck man, it must be really tough, I can just imagine all the potato pancakes and the beer you'll have to avoid. Hopefully you can stick with it and have fun, remember the rules and you'll be fine.


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ok, I survived following the plan in New Orleans for 10 days - you can do this!


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In Germany you get nice places that serve steaks almost in every bigger city. Look for a "Maredo" restaurant. They have great steaks and a salad bar, where you can choose yourself. Or always ask for more veggies instead of potatoes or other carb-rich foods. That usually works. Enjoy your stay!

  • saberhack commented Sep 27th 2012:

    Thank you all I did find a restaurant that I can stick with the plan, it is a greek place. But come Saturday, it is over for the bread and spotzel in this town


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Kraut and sausages in a pinch....Good Luck.

  • saberhack commented Sep 27th 2012:

    That was my fall back!

  • saberhack commented Sep 29th 2012:

    Hoo happy day, so I started off with Bree cheese and a roll (brochen??) buttery croissant, lunch was Brochen and sausage, and dinner was Pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy cheese spotzel and Beer!

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