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Any Occam's Experts out there?

Hi there mass builders!

I'm thinking about starting on occam's protocol within the next few weeks and would just like to know if any people that have done occam's before could post what a typical day is 'diet wise on occam's protocol? I'm a little confused as to whether I'm supposed to be eating a similar diet to what Tim writes in the book every day or whether its just on workout days? I have been following the slow carb diet and I'm a little bit worried about fat gain on occam's

Also, if anyone has had any success on this program please share!

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Hey I do Occams workouts and not Occams eating.

If you're worried about fat gain just do the same.

It's a good idea to learn the excercises anyways.

Plus, I'm huge now from doing the workouts to failure and upping the weight when appropriate.

  • Rodrigo Jardim commented Dec 12th 2012:

    You started doing the Occams workouts with SCD? Are you getting good results? How long does it take to see some results? (in your case, I know it will change from people to people)

  • CharlieShan commented Dec 13th 2012:

    I actually started doing occams before SCD and then switched to doing both. I really did the exercises to failure and I used all free weights, mostly barbells. It only took a few weeks to be proud of the results although I had to add the reverse drag curl so that my biceps would keep up with the rest of my body. I also add the t handle swing.

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I'm just starting it too and am wondering the same thing. My understanding is occams workout without the diet won't build the same sort mass--at least not as quickly. but with diet you gain fat.

I'm also wondering if any sort of cardio is allowed of it messes with the recovery period.

  • Jim Scotson commented Dec 11th 2012:

    Hey there, I recently did a month of occam's and logged it as a blog. Check it out:


    My experience was that doing the workouts without the eating did NOT work the same as just working out alone. But I guess it depends on how quickly you need this to work

    Good luck,


  • Pierrebuz commented Dec 12th 2012:

    Cool. I checked it out. Don't blame yourself for gaining some fat, I think it's inevitable on this diet (and a lot of body building). There is bulking up and the. What's referred to as cutting ie cutting weight.

  • Pierrebuz commented Dec 12th 2012:

    I should mention: 'this diet' means the Occams specific, high calorie diet for bulking up.

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