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Anything better than Beano ?

Guys, I've soaked them, let them in water for the whole night, took 6 (!!) beano tablets before the first bite. But I need a definitive solution to this (erhm!) offending phenomenon problem beans and lentils are causing. Any radical, new, alternative suggestions and where to find these 'miracle' products?

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Are you following the rest of the SCD diet?

What is a typical meal like for you?

Both my wife and I have been doing the Slow Carb diet for 3 weeks now, and I say we have not had a single case of gas, upset stomach, or loose stool while doing the SCD. With the exception of the day of/after a cheat day.

Cheating with Carbs seems to be less agreeable with us, although it was worse the first week than on week 4.

We have also added "Green Vibrance" this week (a vegetable supplement) that promising to help strengthen or correct your digestive system. Since added the Green Vibrance to our morning Protein shake (Cocoa, Almond Butter, Xylitol, Whey Protein Isolate Unflavored, Water/Ice) we have both began loosing more weight than before.

You might give it a try...


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I use organic tinned beans and lentils, as long as they are well washed its all good.

Maybe try the tinned ones and see how you go. good luck with that!


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Did you try canned beans? They are usually OK.


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Oh boy, I went through this the first week, I feel your pain! I used two tablets of beano at first combined with some gas ex. However, I found out the real problem was a lack of water. You really need to drink Tons of water if this diet is new to you because it's taxing on your digestive system. Now I don't take anything and I dont have any gas pains. You just need to give your body a week or two to adjust.


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... how much beans do you eat?

Maybe you should just see a doctor... it might be something to do with your inner ecosystem, in which case there *might* be something that can improve that. Best of luck.

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