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Thoughts After 6 Weeks


This is my first diet of any kind, so I came in with no idea about what to expect. I'd built up a lot of bad eating habits and I expected this to be almost impossible. Fortunately I was wrong.

What helps me most is setting small, incremental goals. My first goal was to make it through a week. Once I'd done that, I was thrilled with my small victory which gave me the confidence to try it for a month. A month in, I set the goal for another belt loop or three months. If I had come into the diet with the goal of dropping 25 pounds or doing this for six months, I would have been frustrated by the seeming lack of progress and probably bailed.

I've settled into a pretty nice routine in terms of food and it really hasn't been as big of a pain as I expected. I'm a picky eater anyway, so my friends are used to me ordering weird dishes and substitutions when I go out. I have started cooking way more, just because it's easier. It's fun and a big money saver.

Problem points:

    The red wine is not working for me. I don't like it and I miss my old man drinks (scotch, bourbon, martinis). Drinking on my cheat day doesn't work because I usually spend the cheat night at home on the couch--and I don't have a strong desire to drink alone. I've loosened up the alcohol restrictions and now allow myself no more than 2 drinks about twice a week. When I drink on my non-cheat days, I limit myself to low-calorie drinks (scotch on the rocks, dry martinis, vodka soda). So far it hasn't hurt my progress, but then again my tolerance is high enough that I don't suffer from drunk munchies.

    Love handles are the devil. I didn't think I had much weight to lose when I started. That might be true, but I certainly have more fat than I thought. I lost inches from crazy places I didn't even know I was carrying fat. Like my wrists--HOW DID I HAVE FAT WRISTS WHEN I WAS 5'10" and 160 lbs??? Seriously, I had to get links taken off my watches. But my freaking love handles just sit there and laugh at me.

    Doing this alone is not fun. My roommate saw my results and decided to try it--he got two days in and bailed. I feel like having a buddy to cook meals with and enjoy cheat days with would make this easier. It's tough finding people who get excited because I finally get to eat waffles.

Positive Points:

    I feel really good. If you use it effectively, the cheat day makes this whole thing not just manageable, but fun. The trick is not being bummed about not getting to eat pizza for six days, but to be excited about the day you do get it--to look forward to it and really savor and enjoy it. I treat cheat day like Christmas. I make a list, check it twice, map out exactly what I want and make a point to buy or drive to a place that has the best.

    I've lost a crazy amount of fat. I ordered a suit a month ago and went in for the fitting this week--they had to take everything in by about 2 inches. I'm down about two belt loops.

    I feel motivated to continue. I'm going to keep setting small, manageable goals (just make it another month). I'm not sweating when I make my over-all goal of watching my love handles die a miserable, excruciating death.


    I'm not what one would call a big guy. I have a rather narrow build. The one place dropping inches has bothered me has been my chest. I have feel like I now have the chest of a 10 year-old boy--a feeling only exacerbated by those abominable love handles. I'm doing Occams Protocol and taking creatine but progress has been very, very slow. Any suggestions for ramping this up? I don't want to be hulking, just a bit more cut.

    I usually run on days when I don't lift, but my feet are getting pretty beat up--even with some awesomely comfortable shoes, I'm getting blisters and calouses (this reminds me why I stopped running after high school). My gym doesn't have a pool--any other good cardio activities you can suggest to rotate in and give my hooves a rest? How do you get into cycling? Any websites that can layout a program so I don't kill myself?

OK, that's all for now. Thanks all!


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