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Minimal Hunger on Actual Cheat Day?

Has anyone had issues with not being very hungry on your actual cheat day? All week I've been sticking to this diet exactly and my appetite has been normal, i get really hungry and then i eat, simple. But today is my forst cheat day (day6 of my diet) and i'm hardly hungry at all? Any thoughts?

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I've got the same thing going on. I can't say I've been starving on regular days, but when Saturday rolls around, I find I have even less appetite. I think a lot of it's mental and I even feel a little guilty. I also find that the stuff I avoid all week makes me feel kind of sickly, so there's another reason I'm not all that hungry when it rolls around. I think it's totally normal, but make sure you enjoy something you normally can't. It doesn't have to be in mass quantities.


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I've had that problem as well. It's annoying when you have four jars of gourmet coconut butter to try in one day...

I think a large part of it is psychological: we want to be hungry on cheat day in order to make the most of it, but after eating "clean" all week, our bodies want to keep up the comfortable moderation.

I try to circumvent this problem by eating an early or light dinner the day before and using tuna fish as a lightweight way of getting my 30g of protein at breakfast. I also recently made the decision to move my cheat day to Saturday instead of Sunday so that I wouldn't feel like I had to race the clock to stuff down a cheaty second breakfast before church. A quick workout (I like kettlebell swings or snatches) isn't just good for damage control, but it helps me actually feel hungry during the day.


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I´m not that hungry on cheat days, as well. It´s quite disappointing to want to have a giant breakfast and then only being able to eat 1 roll or half a croissant... Usually I skip lunch and move directly on to coffee and cake. :) And then in the afternoon I just start munching away whatever I feel like always checking how I feel to avoid feeling sick at some point. My cheat day usually ends at 11 or 12 p.m. ;) During the week I wouldn´t eat that late. That´s my cheat day treat: having left over cake or ice cream late at night. :-)

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