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Occam's Protocol Beginner Questions

I've been doing the SCD for the last month with mild results, not that I have a whole lot to lose. I'm 6'4 and in the 205 range (16-18% body fat), but when I was hard at P90X I was at a solid 192 or so. I mainly began this whole regime to add muscle and wanted to do SCD for a bit to see what kind of results I experienced.

Now that I'm entering into the Occam's Protocol phase, with supplementing, I just have a few quick questions.

The reintroduction of starches seems to be allowed to help caloric intake. I'm a huge fan of a local Thai place and I was wondering if this means I'm ok to have the Pad Thai (rice noodles) with shrimp as one of my lunch/dinners? I also see Tim mentioning sushi (with white rice), is this ok also?

Since I'm a bigger guy, does it make sense to have a full shake in the morning and then one at night, instead of splitting the shake for meals? I got some ISOPURE (5g sugar per scoop) and some Low Sugar Whey, I probably only needed one, but will be using these for my morning/evening shake supplements. Since I'm having a shake in the morning and night, would I be ok just adding the Creatine dosage to this? Any additional advice there?

Am I still supposed to do the air squats, wall presses and chest pulls, or should I left those muscle groups alone while on this regime?

For the glutamine, I drink a solid 2 Litres of water while at work (8-5), would I be ok just spiking my giant water jug with the 80g of glutamine for the first 5 days while slowly sipping all day? Also, after the 5 days, am I strictly using this as a post workout supplement?

Sorry if it's a barrage of questions, just looking to get properly focused and setup!

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