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My first bout with lost motivation.

I'm through 2 full weeks of the SCD and I wanted to share some of my recent challenges. The first week was pretty easy. I went all out on Cheat day 1 and gained back a good 5 pounds (after losing nearly 7) that took a few days into the following week to lose. I really started to lose my motivation during this week as it seemed like all I was losing was the weight I put on during cheat day one. As I moved towards the weekend, I finally weighed in a bit lower than I did the previous week. By this time, I was so sick of chicken breasts and beans, that I was starting to question if it was worth it for minimal loses (I realize they weren't that minimal, but we all want results NOW).

Moving into the weekend, I was coming to my next challenge, which was a three-day weekend in which I was standing up in a wedding. This required me to be away from home 2.5 days, and eating on the road has been something I really haven't perfected yet. I planned my cheat day for Saturday (the wedding day) knowing I would consume more than enough alcohol for 3 people. But Friday night, we had the rehearsal dinner. Pizza was served, and to avoid the risk of being "that guy" I kept my mouth shut and had a few pieces but I only had one glass of red wine (wine + pizza is NOT equal to beer + pizza). This was the first time I broke the rules in 2 weeks and it made me sad. All I could think about was how bad the scale would look when I finally arrived home on Sunday.

The day of the wedding came and I didn't really hold back. Had bagel with peanut butter and jelly for breakfast and then ate some fast food and a candy bar for lunch (this stuff doesn't really taste that good anymore). Went crazy during the wedding eating everything served to me and then some. Luckily, the diet wasn't on my mind at this time because I was finally drunk enough to only care about OTHER things.

The nearly 4 hour drive back was terrible. I felt like crap because I was hungry AND hungover. The best I could do was stop at a gas station for some unsweetened iced tea and some cashews. I kept the cashew intake to a minimum and drank the tea as if I was drinking my own urine (not a fan) and it got me feeling pretty dang good. When I got home, the first thing I did after unloading, was jump on the scale.

Somehow, after a cheat day and some cheating the day before, I came in at .2 lbs UNDER what i had weighed in at before I left. WtF!? Motivation restored. This plan works! The only "good" thing I did while gone was take an ice bath for approximately 15 minutes and stay on my regular PAGG schedule. So looking forward to making new and uncharted progress this week since I'm not starting in the hole.

Just wanted to put this out there as I've usually come here to get re-motivated when I'm feeling weak.


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I've had the same experience. I hate being 'that guy' when hanging out with friends. Minor cheats didn't seem to effect my overall weight loss. There were times I'd be at a bar on a thursday with friends, and have nothing slow carb availble on the menu. I'd usually get something high in protien and low grease. Steak sandwiches were usually good with fries. Then I'd order a diet coke and lime so it looked like a rum and coke.

The thing you need to watch out for is slowly having your old ways creep back.

I had done the slow carb diet back in Dec. 2010, and lost about 25 lbs. The thing you have to watch out for is your old lifestyle creeping back slowly. By Nov 2012, I realized I had gained that 25 lbs back. It took almost two years, but it happened! Now I'm back on the diet and have lost 10 lbs in 1.5 weeks.

  • sabre2hopes commented Dec 14th 2012:

    what he said.

    i recall another poster (and i apologize i cannot recall who) saying that it's not like you suddenly gain a couple of pounds after 1 day of eating.

    and the nice thing is if you drink a lot of water or even your regular amount of water, you will shed the weight quickly - and that is if you gain it at all.

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I was out of town 2 months ago because my father was entering hospice and I needed to be with him and my family. I had a similar thing happen. I was sure I was going to come home 20 pounds heavier but had only gained half a pound! I think part of it is that just a few days of crappy eating don't really undo all our hard work. Also I found that even when I was not worrying about my diet, I was still making better choices than I had in the past. I always had breakfast, I opted for one cookie instead of 10. When given options, I picked the most SCD friendly. In the end, it made for a small gain instead of a giant one. A gain that was easy to shake off by getting back on track once I got home!

  • Tony Montagnino commented Dec 17th 2012:

    Hello Joan, you are right on... the idea of SCD is a life style change. Although cheat days are great and it gives us all a reason to eat junk food, the important thing is not to slide back to our previous lifestyle. There are so many ways to stay on track. So let me ask one question...if you feel 10 times better and you are going to live a longer healthier life who cares if you are "that guy or gal". I don't force anyone to follow my lifestyle so I don't expect anyone to want me to follow theirs...especially if it's distructive to my health. If you plan ahead you can overcome any situation and stick to your lifestyle change.

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