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15 days in, help!!

Hi All,

I have been on the SCD for 15 days now. Pleased that I have lost 10 lbs!! which is great.

However, this week I am feeling really tired, low on energy, and feel like cheating.. I am doing the diet as a vegetarian, so lots of the usual SCD stuff is a no go for me. I am also quite active and run 3 - 8 miles per week.

I have a few things that I am not doing. Firstly,I only have 3 meals per day. This is because my time is limited to sit down for second lunch etc. At the moment I have the usual eggs and variations on a morning, then large salad for lunch, then evening meal e.g. green beans, daal, beetroot etc or whatever I can get round to making e.g. veg curry. Is this enough? I have also made a cocoa powder, chia, almond milk drink which helps with sweet cravings. I also know I don't drink enough water, is this really a problem? I am finding myself desperate for cheat day. I have had a cheat this week, with two bowls of cereal and a flapjack. I felt so tired and wiped out it seemed worth it. I still lost 0.8 lbs on that day. What should I do to boost my energy? Any advice on my problem would be most welcome. Cheers.


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Eat more eggs. Are you doing the Eggs, Lentils, Spinach thing in the morning? That should rev up your metabolism and get you moving in the day. Do you drink coffee or have any other caffeine source. I was feeling a bit sluggish today. Took a quick nap had a cup of coffee, and I'm back at it. I'm not a vegetarian, but my girlfriend is and she's on this diet. She feels run down every once in a while. It's because she doesn't get enough protein. I usually tell her to double up on the legumes and keep her away from too much soy, which is her easy go to source for protein. I'm also trying to get her to consume more fat as that will help satiate her. Unfortunately we have a lot of misconceptions about fats role in our diet. Make sure you're taking a Multi+B Vitamin everyday as well.

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Beans and plenty of good fats.

  • Elena Stein commented Sep 7th 2012:

    If you are an avid runner/ veggie, it could be lack of iron in your diet. I would get my blood work done and see if that is it.

    Also drink more.


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I would suggest getting some Gemma Pea Protein powder to help with your protein intake. Pea protein is very low in fat, so a better choice than hemp protein.


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I would personally up your water intake and up your legumes. Are you vegan? Or do you allow yourself eggs/egg whites? It sounds like you need more protein cause of your cravings.

Keep it up. 10 lbs is awesome!

  • Iain Phillips commented Sep 8th 2012:

    Hi. No I'm not vegan. I don't eat fish either. I will

    Try and eat more protein. I was feeling fine till yesterday.

    By the time I got in from work I felt terrible. Had to start my

    Cheat day early. I'm not prepared to feel crappy all day on

    This diet. I will look at my intake tomorrow when I'm back on

    The diet.

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 8th 2012:

    it's tough for a vegetarian to lose on slow carb....it's mostly the lack of proteins that aren't like ALSO carbs or dairy.

  • Iain Phillips commented Sep 9th 2012:

    Hi folks. For breakfast I usually have two or three eggs, mushrooms, spinach, and some mixed beans. Plus coffee. Maybe up the beans here.

    I think maybe my big salad lunch is leaving me short of energy. I made some curry and a chilli yesterday so see how this goes. Put loads of beans in both.

    My Cheat day hit me hard too. Feel hungover this morning. Back on the diet tomorrow.

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 10th 2012:

    Yeah, hungover feeling good yet bad. But it makes you that much more appreciative of the slow carb lifestyle....I love it! I couldn't eat how I do on cheat day at least how cheat day stands now.....no way! I'd get ill like everyday.

  • Iain Phillips commented Sep 11th 2012:

    Hi All. Thanks again for the advice. Well cheat day turned out to be cheat weekend, and I did feel better by Monday. So I hopped back on the diet (ish) I did cheat yesterday and had two slice of bread with my evening meal, and a rhubarb crumble, sorry my cooking is too good to let it go to waste. Anyway, I still dropped 0.8 lbs. I have helped myself this week by making a big curry and a chilli which I am now eating with salad for lunch. This has stopped me feeling so hungry. I have also made a cocoa powder, chia, and almond milk shake which is good. I am having a tbsp of peanut butter in the morning too. I am feeling good on it today. I will stick with it for the rest of the week. Hope I have solved my feeling tired etc.

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 11th 2012:

    If you keep consuming enough sugar, it actually re-addicts you to it and makes you crave it MORE, which is WHY it is important to get back on the slow carb wagon ASAP and not fall off of it....it's very easy for some people(as you have experienced) to keep on "feeding the sugar monkey"....you have to change your eating habits and be more conscious of your meals. Plus, is there any way to NOT have cheat foods in the house? Or is that impossible with you? I mean where did the bread come from? You are probably feeling tired because of the cheat weekend. Or if it is during the week and you are slow carbing, it's probably because you are not getting enough legumes in your meals. Good Luck and hope this next week is better for you.

  • Iain Phillips commented Sep 11th 2012:

    Hi. My sugar monkey is more like a gorilla. But i have him under control. I can't not have cheat stuff in the house. The bread was my choice. I am not expecting the rest of my family to do the diet. It was my choice. I was feeling tired before the cheat weekend on thursday, and especially the Friday. I was ok yesterday. I did need more food, and think the legumes are the key.

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 11th 2012:

    If you can't get rid of cheat foods in the house, then, hide them or have your wife put it someplace where you do not know. The less tempation in the house and visible, the less cheating midweek that will happen and slow your progress.

  • Iain Phillips commented Sep 12th 2012:

    I don't need to hide stuff. I have a bit of will power. Yesterday went really well.

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 12th 2012:

    Just suggesting. :) Congrats on yesterday going really well! :) Keep it up!

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