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Occam's Protocol/SCD as a College Athlete

Hi everyone!

I'm a first-time poster on the site, but have often found myself on the forum here as I have found a lot of useful tips and answers to questions I've had since starting the Four Hour Diet.

I started the SCD about three months ago. Some background on me: I'm 21 years old, a college student, and a competitive swimmer. I started the diet as a way to challenge myself and to tone up. I have been swimming competitively since age 8, and that combined with being genetically blessed with a fairly fast metabolism had led me to never really watch what I ate. If there are any swimmers/swammers or even other kinds of athletes on here, you know we athletes love our carbs :) however, I wasn't 100% satisfied with my physical appearance (I'm 5'10", and although I don't often weigh myself, I'd say I was around 145 lbs.) I wanted to particularly tone up my midsection, and overall just improve my eating habits in order to be the healthiest I can be before my last year of college and last season of swimming. Since on the diet, I've been very happy with the results- I've toned up significantly while on the diet while simultaneously exercising the entire summer (some weightlifting, spinning, swimming, running, Bikram yoga and stationary bike, at least one of those a day for at least 1 hour, 6 days/week.) However, I am unsure as to how to modify the diet now that the official start of my swim season is coming up in a couple weeks.

My swim practice schedule consists of working out between 2-5.5 hours/day, 6 days/week. Each day, the time/type of exercise varies. I'll swim every day, and lift weights 4 days/week. This is how the schedule is set:

Monday/Wednesday: practice 6:30-9 AM

-swim 6:30-8:15

-lift weights 8:15-9

Tuesday/Thursday: practice 7-9:15

-lift 7-7:45

-swim 7:45-9:15

Practice again (just swimming) 3:30-6

Friday: practice 8:30-11:30

-swim 8:30-10:30

-lift 10:30-11:30

I'll also have a three-hour practice Saturday morning consisting of 2 hours of swimming and 1 hour of varied dryland training.

Since this kind of training is more organized and longer in duration and intensity than anything I've done since starting the diet, I have no idea how to modify what I'm eating. In the book, Tim refers athletes in the Occam's Protocol II: The Finer Points to the Effortless Superhuman chapter. However, that chapter doesn't have much on diet, but is instead focused on type of training. My type of training is already set- what I want to know is when/where/how much carbs to incorporate carbs back into my diet (despite exercising, I only ever ate them following weight lifting sessions, and then it was either quinoa or brown rice.) I'm unsure as to what my ideal breakfast would be before my three-hour morning practices, especially considering I don't have a lot of time at 6 AM to prepare a large meal (I am still a college student balancing full-time classes, an internship and a sport.) I also don't know what to eat during practice- I know most protein bars are the enemy due to the high sugar content, but I need a convenient source of energy when I'm running from the pool to the weight room, and vice versa.

I really want to stay on the diet, but understand that I need to add some personal tweaks with the start of the season approaching. My priority is to keep the weight I've lost off and continue to eat healthy, but also don't want to not have enough energy to make it through the hours of intense exercise I'll have to complete each day. I'm asking for any advice, input, or answers to my questions from you all. I think I've developed a sort of "fear of carbs", so to speak, since I've seen how my body has improved while following the basic SCD and am afraid of introducing back in some of the more complex carbs (quinoa, brown rice, etc.) regularly now that my energy output is going to be increasing drastically. So like I said before, any tips, ideas, or advice is greatly appreciated! Sorry for writing a novel too :) thank you everyone!

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