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Starting ultraendurance : questions

So, I've reached my goal weight (from 124lb to 112lb), and want to improve my running, so I decided that the Ultraendurance 1 and 2 chapters in the book would be the best way to get. I don't really wan't to run IN a marathon , rather be able to and run the 26 miles. (Note: I don't have any running training other any school Physical Ed.) Just a few questions that I couldn't find answers to in the book.

How often should I do the stretches in Part One?

Daily in the morning, after my FMS workout (doing that along with Tim's advice for preparing to start the actual program), 3 times a week, after jogging. I'm thinking of going daily, but I'm kind of worrying about over training.

And this I don't get:

In each interval, hill, or Tabata workout, if you can’t recover to a heart rate of 120 in less

than two minutes, the workout is ended. You haven’t recovered and adding more stress would

just impede progress. Call it quits if needed and come back stronger the next workout. In the

first four weeks, if you are unconditioned, this rest period can be increased to three minutes.

: Unconditioned? Not really sure what that means.

And an explanation to why this works?

I get that it works by improving all of the energetic pathways, I just don't get how it improves them.


Yeah, I'm a skeptic and obsessive, usually in the wrong things rather than get them done. But having a clear path in front of me , what exactly to do everyday, and being specific helps me reach my goals. Thanks for the help.

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