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3 Month Update!

Good morning fellow slow-carbers!

Here is my monthly report, finally hit my 3rd month cycle and I have some great results and updates! For my 2 month report click here

Total Changes since starting 6/4/2012

Total Lbs lost: 43.4lbs

Fat Lbs lost: 42.8lbs (hooray for body fat monitoring!)

Body fat % lost: 10% I CANT BELIEVE I'VE LOST 10% BODY FAT

Inches lost off my chest: 4.9"

Inches lost off my stomach: 6.35"

Morale, motivation, and energy are through the roof yet again!

I'll have one or two weeks where i'll only lose one pound and then i go back to bigger losses. Its all a matter of sticking with this and still going forward. Trust in this system and it will work

As an update on my C25K training, I am now up to jogging 30 minutes without stopping and up to 2 miles distance. I know its slow but I have never been at either the minute or the distance targets before and its making me believe one day I can really become a runner. The progress on the running alone is amazing.

Still alcohol free, thats a personal decision but just because I have so much weight to lose, I will treat myself with a dram of whiskey in Thanksgiving as a special treat for all this hard work.

I have still have a long way to go, but boy does it seem more reachable than EVER. My head and my heart are filled with a hope I had never felt before.

Once again a big thanks to everyone in this forum for their support, help, and ideas. All of you are making this journey even easier and more inspiring.

All of you keep up the great work!

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