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Ideal calorie distribution?

I started the slow carb diet last week. So far I feel really good. It took my stomach a little while to get used to the major change in things to digest, but that's mostly gone away. I really noticed a huge change when I feasted on Wendy's, fried fish and rice, wedding cake, tortilla chips, and tons of beer on my cheat day. I could feel my body turning it instantly into energy. Like, "holy crap, that's what we've been missing!"

Anyway, I'm using a food calorie counter to keep a track of everything I eat. I used to use it all the time to just track calories, but now I'm using it more to keep track of sugars/carbs/protien/fat in my diet. The one I use has a great analysis section that tracks nutrients too.

What breakdown of fat/protein/carbs/alcohol (I like my red wine!) do most of you consume? Last week on this diet I was getting about 45/30/20/5 F/P/C/A. This week I switched to leaner meats and eating more beans, and the past couple days I'm getting 40/30/25/5 F/P/C/A.

Does that sound about right?

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