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Day One ... wish me luck !!!!!!!!!!

3 eggs + 3 basil leafs + chilean organic 100% virgin olive oil.

1 cucumber.

ready to drink a lot of water. ( I'm in the office)

29 more breakfasts to go , wish me luck !!!!!!!!!!!


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Don't forget your beans!

  • Merry Popkins commented Aug 21st 2012:

    Gracias !!!! I'll have them for lunch with a big green salad and patagonian beef ! Grass fed + endless pampas to walk around ! ( I am from chilean Patagonia <3 ) :)

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This is to easy. you got this shit!

  • Merry Popkins commented Aug 21st 2012:

    Jajajajajajjajaja ( hahahahahahah) thanks!!!!!!!


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Beans are huge early on, because it will keep you from craving carbs as much. It's been one of the biggest reasons why I've been able to stay on this diet for almost two months now, which I know is nothing compared to some on here...

Keep it simple. Good luck... It's an awesome diet. It's the best one I've been on and I've been on quite a few of them.

  • Merry Popkins commented Aug 21st 2012:

    I do believe in this diet I really do. This is how my grandparents used to eat more or less ... But I have been using and abusing sugar, fats and white carbs for the past 2 years ( depression thank you very much). I had my beans for lunch but I do feel really dizzy and keep having flushes ... I was wondering if anyone new what could it be? Thanks so much.

  • Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan commented Aug 22nd 2012:

    Try to get your beans in the am and at lunch. See if your dizziness goes away.

  • Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan commented Aug 22nd 2012:

    .....and good fats are essential as well. I love avocado.

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