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Hi Guys,

I recently found 4HB, I have done carb cycling before but only for short periods ( 2 day cycles ). 4HB seems to have much strict protocol and a system around it to have better chance of success.

So to give you a bit of background on me, I am 34 year old, 242 pounds and fed up of being FAT. I started doing P90X ( program focusing on strength ) recently, I have done 60 days and lost about 8 pounds. I feel better and stronger but due to my weight it is very difficult to keep up with workouts. I actually like to workout, and don't shy away from hard work. However the issue is that it takes me 2 hours to complete a workout that should take 55 minutes. This period has not shortened even after 60 days. I know the problem is weight, I run out of breath after couple of sets and then need to recover by taking longer break. I also have a really bad back which means I really can't do jump training. I have not let that stop me from trying, I modify to put intensity into exercises that are not heavy on back.

So you are wondering why am I thinking of 4HB, well I believe that if I can loose a lot of FAT now, I can build the muscle later by following P90X. My immediate problem is to get below 200 pounds. I ideally I would like to be around 160 pounds, but I know that is going to take long time so for now I want to focus on quick win and get below 200 pounds.

My questions are around diet and exercise,

1. what are resources that I can use to target this? I have seen mixed information on different websites. Recipes published that have ingredients not in allowed-list etc. Is there one authoritative place I can go to and trust it and follow it to the letter?

2. What sort of workout I should incorporate to just focus on FAT loss for now? I can build muscle later if I can loose FAT quicker now. So please recommend what workouts should I do?

3. Since I have done P90X for 60 days I have already put on some muscle and would like to keep it. So if I use Saturday as Cheat Day, would workout hard on that day and following day ( mainly resistance training ) help to keep muscle?

4. Is loosing 40 pounds in 6 to 8 weeks very ambitious?

I look forward to hear some valuable input.


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You should definately read the book "the 4-hour-body" first (or read the do´s and don´ts in this forum). It´s only the first few chapters, so it won´t take too long. 40 pounds (ca. 18 Kilo) (and you have to lose a lot) might be possible. But don´t be sad, if the loss is declining after a while.

After reading the book you will know what to prepare for food. Most recipes you will find in the internet, although called "slow carb", are not really SCD-friendly.

  • Nicole Pape commented Aug 21st 2012:

    Oh, and you don´t have to exercise, at all!

  • Rizwan Sandhu commented Aug 21st 2012:

    Thank you for responding. I have read the chapters "Fundamentals", "Ground Zero" and "Subtracting FAT". I know the list of foods that Tim has mentioned and it is pretty clear. But to be honest I suck at creativity, and was looking for tried and tested recipes :). Which I can stick like a timetable in my Kitchen. So when I wake up I know what I am going to eat.

  • Nicole Pape commented Aug 21st 2012:

    There are quite a few really nice recipes in this forum. Search for: "Awesome slow carb recipes". And there are a couple of recipes here and there. Maybe just type in "recipe". :)

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