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New weight loss trick: Eating almonds with meals?

I stumbled across a great little clinical study on almonds that suggests that eating almonds together with your meals reduces the severity of your post-meal insulin/blood sugar spikes, and thus help prevent fat gain. Since the whole point of the slow carb diet is to prevent insulin spikes, according to these findings, eating almonds can aid in these efforts. I know a lot of people are eating almond butter between meals, but has anyone been eating almonds with their meals? I'm going to experiment with this on my bf who's on slow carb and see if it does anything, and suggest you try it too!! Much cheaper than PAGG too!

Here's the excerpt about the clinical study:

"Almonds appear to not only decrease after-meal rises in blood sugar, but also provide antioxidants to mop up the smaller amounts of free radicals that still result. (Jenkins DJ, Kendall CW, Journal of Nutrition)

Researchers fed 15 healthy subjects 5 meals providing a comparable amount of carbohydrate, fat and protein: 3 test meals (almonds and bread, parboiled rice, and instant mashed potatoes) and 2 bread control meals. Blood samples, taken before each meal and 4 hours afterwards, showed levels of protective antioxidants increased after the almond meal, but decreased after the other meals. And not only did the almond meal increase antioxidant levels, but unlike the other foods, almonds also lowered the rise in blood sugar and insulin seen after eating.

Further research shows that eating almonds along with a high glycemic index food significantly lowers the glycemic index of the meal and lessens the rise in blood sugar after eating. (Jones AR, Kendall CW, Metabolism)

In this study, after an overnight 10-12 hour fast, 9 healthy volunteers were randomly fed 3 test meals and 2 white bread (high glycemic) control meals on separate days. Each meal contained 50 grams of carbohydrate from white bread eaten either alone or in combination with 1, 2, or 3 ounces of almonds. To check subjects' rise in blood sugar, blood samples were taken for glucose analysis immediately after eating, and at 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

Eating almonds reduced the glycemic index (GI) of the meal and subjects' rise in blood sugar in a dose-dependent manner - the more almonds consumed, the lower the meal's GI and the less the rise in subjects' blood sugar after eating.

When one-ounce of almonds was eaten along with white bread, the GI of the meal [105.8] was comparable to eating white bread alone, but when two ounces of almonds were consumed with the white bread, the GI dropped to 63, and when 3 ounces of almonds were eaten, the GI was only 45.2 - less than half the GI of the white bread only meal.

Subjects' blood sugar rose 2.8 mmol/L after eating only white bread. When one ounce of almonds was eaten with the bread, blood sugar rose 2.2 mmol/L. Eating two ounces of almonds with the bread resulted in a rise in blood sugar of 2.0 mmol/L, and eating three ounces of almonds caused blood sugar to rise only 1.6 mmol/L - less than half the rise seen after eating white bread alone.

Practical Tips: Don't just enjoy almonds as a between-meal snack. Spread a little almond butter on your toast or down the center of a stalk of celery. Add a handful of lightly roasted almonds to your salad or chop and use as a topping for pasta, steamed or healthy sautéed vegetables. When eating foods with a higher glycemic index, including almonds in the meal can help keep your blood sugar under control."

Full article is here:


  • TylerS commented Feb 17th 2011:
    That's good tip to read since I have been adding almond slivers to my salad to give it some crunchiness that croutons used to provide.
  • pdx4hbHolly commented Feb 17th 2011:
    Thanks for sharing this...maybe it will keep me from snacking on almonds between meals.
  • LauraCox commented Feb 17th 2011:
    Like Shery said, since almonds are still a domino food, you'll still need to watch your portions, I'm just going to toss in a few with each meal.


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At the very least this sounds like an excellent "fun/cheat day" experiment to hedge the super high spike we see on those days in particular.

Great find Laura!

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Great info, Laura! Do you think using a little almond butter on my bowl of vegies is good? I like to add a dash of soy sauce and 1/2 tlbspoon almondbutter to a big bowl of veggies. It gives it a little asian flare! Its a trigger food for me so I have to be careful.

  • LauraCox commented Feb 17th 2011:
    I think that would be totally fine, the book mentions you can have 1TB of almond butter with celery before bed, so I don't see a problem with having a 1/2 TB with a bowl of veggies!


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1 almond = ~1.2 grams

1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams

28.3495231 grams = ~23 almonds

3 ounces of almonds = ~69 almonds.

Thats a lot of almonds.

~69 almonds = 480 Calories

Thats a lot of almonds to maximize GI reduction in their test meals.

I have been throwing in almonds into my protein shakes for texture, extra nutrients, and something to help mix up the unsweetened cocoa (that stuff is crazy hydrophobic). I have noticed pretty good gains this week, but I've also been doing ice baths, so its hard to pinpoint what the cause could be...

Also, crushed almonds would probably be a really efficient topping or mix for whatever cooking we do.


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Almonds/nuts are suggested with each meal in Last Mile chapter. I'm just starting Last Mile.

Before that I was having 1 Table spoon RAW almond butter before the meal to blunt GI spikes per the books instructions.

I heard---via dr oz.---pistachios (unsalted of course0 are even better at promoting weight loss than almonds. Plus the serving size is 20 pistachios vs 7 almonds.

  • Daves4hb commented Apr 15th 2011:
    Oh boy I love pistachios... but talk about a domino food. To combine this with another of Laura's topics, maybe a bit of almonds with those morning wake up protein shakes would help the insulin spiking???
  • justin commented Apr 16th 2011:
    well Tim's fav protein drink suggestion is. unsweetened whey protein with ice and 1-2 Tbsp almond butter and vanilla extract. Could be a reason for the almond butter. :)


I have been eating about 10-15 almonds on a spinach and baby carrot salad at lunch and again at dinner with good results; I've lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks. (I'm a 32 year old male and started at 227 lbs.) I have sausage and pourable whole eggs cooked in a mug in the microwave for breakfast, canned chicken on a salad for lunch, and ground beef or steak with a smaller side salad for dinner. If I get hungry, sugar free Jell-O is my snack food.

I am not a huge almond fan, so they are not domino foods for me. I also really hate beans, so I have essentially been using them for caloric load instead of beans. I have not been using PAGG, but I have been doing Occam's Protocol weightlifting and running a 2-3 miles about twice a week. (Even though I've been losing weight, and have not been eating for muscle gain, I have still built a lot of muscle. My wife is amazed.)

I can't speak to whether the almonds are what's doing the trick, but they seem to work as a replacement for the legumes if you are careful about portions.


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I was eating almonds with almost every meal to add crunch to my salads. This week I was stalling like crazy so I decided to drop them all together, and the weight is going down again. So this might work for some people, but for me, it doesn't :( A shame too since I utterly loved the almonds in my salad.


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Chopped nuts on top of stir frys aswell is something I recommend! Vietnamese style! Mmmmmmm :)


  • mushin3212 commented Aug 13th 2011:

    I can't see it! :(

  • alwayzhungry commented Aug 13th 2011:

    sounds delicious!! btw this monkey looks so appropriate for your comment =]


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Good to know, I like tossing in a few with my green beans and on my salad when I have it. Thanx Laura!


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Thanks for that, also 4/5 almonds a day are supposed to help keep up the leval of the protein that thee body stops producing therefore causing Alzhiemers.....this isn't a doucmented fact but if its true its well worth it!

  • Clandi commented Jul 15th 2012:

    I roast my in the oven with a dash of macadamia nut oil, salt and herbs/ spices. Before dinner I chop up a few (maybe ten for my bf and I to share) and put them on top of a plate of stir fried or grilled veggies together with a vinaigrette of oil + balsamico. It's relly delicious and I think a nice way to get some calories for your last meal without having to add the carbs from beans.

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