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Best foods for cheat day (to re-stimulate Leptin production) ?

There is a list here ( but in seems to me like non-binge food, so simply wondering what would be the best 'crap/binge' food to eat on Cheat day in order to maximize Leptin production.

All this of course while still having a first non-binge meal, doing the GLUT4 exercises prior and post-meals and drinking lemon and grapefruit juice, coffee (I go mad with this for 'gastric emptying'), green tea (metabolism-enhancer I think) and a lot of water


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Great question, the short answer is that carbs increase leptin. The simpler the carb, the faster it will react. Some people do 50/50 simple/complex carbs, others just do complex carbs, depending on the length of the refeed. And since fructose (fruit sugar) increases liver glycogen, not muscle glycogen, you are supposed to minimize fructose (besides the grapefruit juice). Table sugar is 50% fructose, you should try to minimize that as well. Here's some examples from this article, which also says to keep fats to a minimum:






Fat-free/sugar-free Ice Cream




Another good article on cheat days & leptin you might want to cross reference:

  • kurtzies commented Aug 10th 2011:

    Laura, you are great. Just saying.

  • Britt commented Aug 11th 2011:

    Great article, Laura! Thank you.

  • jitkajulie commented Sep 6th 2011:

    Laura, those are both amazing articles!!THNXalot

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Nov 11th 2011:

    Very good article laura im going to try that this saturday for my cheat day. I really love pancakes i think i will go to stacks in campbell and have banana coconut pancakes withsuger free syrup! Now im really looking foward to cheat woooooo hooooo!!!!!!!

  • mkr6taclai commented Apr 26th 2012:

    Great articles, tks for sharing!

  • Bouyakashan commented Feb 26th 2011:
    By far the best aricle I've read so far about glucose and fructose (a subject we don't often dwelve into here) :
  • loretta commented Aug 11th 2011:

    I was just wondering about this as I have never been much of a junk food person, although I do like quality sweets. I have been having a hard time gorging on crap on cheat day because I just don't care for it. Your answer and the link to that article were just what I needed to read! Thank you!

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Dr. Staffan Lindeberg thinks that lectins, specifically those from cereal grains, are direct causes of leptin resistance. He observes that wheat germ agglutinin, or WGA, (a lectin present in wheat, barley, and rye) actually binds directly with the leptin receptor and prevents leptin binding. The inability of leptin receptors to bind with leptin adequately describes leptin resistance, making lectins a potential aggravator of leptin resistance. Abnormally high levels of WGA were used to bind receptors, though, so it remains to be determined whether normal dietary levels of WGA are enough to induce leptin resistance.

Given the established issues most people have with grains, I wouldn’t be surprised if they share some responsibility for leptin issues, too.

So basically avoid cereal. It's normally loaded in HFCS and other additives so best to stick with bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, ice cream pancakes/waffles and crackers.

Read more: ixzz1jYgHgO84" >

  • Gretchen Linden commented Jan 15th 2012:

    Sam-- if you'll check the work of Dr Wm Davis, he says the same about lectin and leptin resistance, but he does ont limit the problem to just's ANYthing made from wheat (that's regular white flour!!), so breads, pasta, pancakes, waffles, crackers etc would all still be a problem. His site is filled with info and testimonies (mine included, on Dec 24, 2011!!) It's

  • Gretchen Linden commented Jan 15th 2012:

    ...but he does *not* limit the problem.....

  • Sam Green commented Jan 16th 2012:

    Uh oh.. does this mean carbs DON'T help spike leptin?

  • Gretchen Linden commented Jan 16th 2012:

    No, it doesn't mean that. Carbs DO help spike leptin, but since the lectin in wheat is specifically a problem that exacerbates leptin resistance, it's best to get the carb spikes from non-wheat/non-white flour things -- like rice, potatoes, corn, fruit, fruit juices etc.

  • Sam Green commented Jan 16th 2012:

    I see. It can be argued that fruit sugar makes you gain fat quicker than sucrose.. I avoid fruit on cheat days other than berries, and grapefruit juice.

    Otherwise I eat a worryingly large amount of sugar/fat and wheat on cheat days.. I normally total around 5-6000 calories haha.

    This is why I limit my cheat days to every 10-14 days and do all the damage control ;)

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