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Week 69 results - Exercise Exercise Exercise!!

Good Morning, Everyone!!

How did I do this week? Let's find out!

Week 69 Results:

Weight: 117.6 lbs (.2 lb GAIN! Total Lost: 129.4 lbs Yes, I did gain this week, but it was only a minimal amount. No biggie! Next Week out!! Gonna get that extra pound off and then some to make it as close or TO my goal as possible!! Gonna do the same thing I did this week with exercises, but increase it a bit!)

Inches: 111" (.5" LOSS! Total Lost: 75" WOO! May have gained .2 of a pound, BUT I did lose half an inch! (And off my waist too!!) YAY! Gonna see if more exercising will help me burn more fat off that waist of mine!! 3" to go until my "waist inch goal" measurement. Yes, I do have a LOT of goals. That's how you keep motivated! Make lots of small goals to hit! You have to hit at least 1, then you feel motivated to keep on going to hit the others!)

Body Fat %: 20.7% (.2% LOSS! I am now back to my lowest body fat% Now to get under 20% and see a 1-% Cmon fat burn off!)

BMI: 21.5 (No Change)

Overall, an OK week as far as weight, only because I gained .2 lbs BUT, to SPIN it to the POSITIVE...I am still DAMN proud of my exercise goals for this week which I MET and EXCEEDED!! I have NOTHING to really be sad or depressed about...if anything it FIRES me up MORE to do the same next week and I have an EXTRA day!! Next week, Sunday, 8/18 marks my 16th month on the Slow Carb Lifestyle, so that motivates me to do my best to get to 115 lbs next Saturday! GO GO GO!

Exercise Goals for Next Week:

6 Isometric Exercises Sessions (knee push-ups, crunches, wall-sits, squats, shoulder presses(with 5lb hand weight), front/side planks, and chair dips)

3 Kettlebell Workouts with 20lb Kettlebell (50 swings each)

3 Wii Fit Plus workouts with my daughter (minimum, attempting 6 times)

6 Elliptical Workouts (30 minutes each)

Anyway...onto NEXT WEEK!! :) Enjoy your Saturday! It's a wonderful day out!

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 14th 2012:

    As of yesterday, I have 2 Isometric Exercise sessions done, 1 kettlebell workout done, 1 Wii Fit Plus workouts done(skipped last night, and 2 elliptical workouts done. Onto Day 3! :)

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You should be proud of your exercise! That is terrific! You will see the results of that soon! And, that teeny tiny gain is nothing. You lost 1/2 inch off your waist! WTG!

Hope you had a great cheat day yesterday!


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A .2lb gain and a .2% loss in body fat should be a good thing. It's not all about the scale, more important is your overall health and the reduction in body fat %. So, really this week should be seen as a great one! You reduced body fat, AND gained muscle! All good, congrats on all of your progress, keep it up! :)

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 14th 2012:

    I totally agree! :) I have to do the "obligatory ARGH" at weight loss, but I DO know that body fat % loss as well as inch loss is FAR MORE IMPORTANT. :) I got this!! :) Thanks, Sbidgo!

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