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Huge milestone for me! (Didn't see this happening)

This is more of a "yay"! moment. After such a dismal week as far as weigh ins last week, I am happy to say that I've hit a HUGE milestone! (I kind of feel like one of those biggest loser contestants haha). As of this morning I weighed in at 199.4 pounds, which is HUGE for me! I haven't weighed under 200 for at least 4 - 5 years (see since college). It may have even been longer I'm really not sure. I started this diet in the first week of july weighing 208.8 pounds (which was already a decent drop from my recent high of around 220 pounds in November of last year).

The Slow Carb Diet WORKS people, I can't stress that enough. You have no idea (maybe you do) how much effort and working out, and meal plans etc. etc. I had committed to in the last few years before I finally decided to look and see what was already on my bookshelf. I have my girlfriend and a good friend of mine to thank for pushing me to get on this diet and stay on it! It's been fun so far, and I have to say the second month is where I've seen the most inch/weight gains so far! I'm not done by any means, my end goal is 12% body fat and whatever weight that gets me (maybe 180?). I'm currently 22 - 24% bf depending on the moment, scale, tape measurement and web calculator.

Here's to continuing down a path to better health, a better life, and someday achieving my ellusive goals which have haunted me for YEARS! (Oh yeah...and that giant Costco chocolate cake at the end of the road) >:(

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Hey there congrats on your progress!! I hope to be below the 200 mark some day, I believe I can! I can't remember the last time I weighed in below 200 (sometimes I feel maybe at birth I did, and then was 200 ever since).

I've been on since the 2nd week of June, and i've lost 30lbs so far! I fancy the bakery section at costco as well... except the apple of my eye is the cinnamon rolls! Good luck and congrats again on the progress!


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Wow, that is a terrific milestone! Congrats!

I agree with you. This way of eating has been wonderful. Great job and keep checking in!

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