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Why no pasta or porridge?

What's up homies?

Just wondering why pasta and porridge aren't allowed. According to:


These foods release less insulin when eaten than lots of other stuff including beef. As I understood it, the problem with carbs is that they cause an insulin release which is what causes fat storage.

Can anyone help me?

P.S. happy cheat day!


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Way more complicated than that and way more complicated than can be explained in a post. Recommend you read a book called The Paleo Diet. SCD is based on that and it spends 400 pages answering your question.

  • Marcele Voussoir commented Jul 29th 2012:

    I thought the paleo diet was a way of eating for health, not a weight loss plan. I understand that one might cut carbs for health reasons, but if you're just talking about weight loss, where insulin is the supposed mechanism, why aren't carbs low on the II OK?

    I know that the book The Paleo Diet talks about insulin in relation to carbs and weight loss. Are you saying there are other reasons to cut carbs other than the insulin link? If so what are they? You don't have to explain the whole thing in depth, just list the reasons.

  • Tomhole commented Jul 29th 2012:

    Read the book. I can't explain it as well as that book does.

  • Serkan Atila commented Jul 29th 2012:

    hey did you have a link to the book by any chance? i'd find it but there are a number of books on the topic as one could imagine..

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One answer that isn't always discussed very often is that carbohydrates (especially refined carbohydrates) stimulate areas of the brain that release dopamine (a pleasure hormone). In fact studies are finding that these same receptors that cocaine works on. Carbohydrates are highly addictive, leading to food addictions and the craving to over-consume these carbohydrates. More studies need to be done on this for sure, as different types and levels of carbohydrates might react differently, or different bodies might respond differently (some people regulate carbohydrates very easily, and there doesn't seem to be the same brain response in these people).

This is one possible answer. It kind of goes like this. Carbohydrate foods tend to be calorie dense to start with, you eat them, they act on your brain increasing your craving for them, so you eat more of them, and before you know it you are over-consuming foods by far to great a margin.

One of the reasons Slow Carb is effective is that you don't have this craving boosting experience, are eating foods that fill you up faster and thus you don't over-consume. As much as we talk about not worrying about counting calories, when eating Slow Carb you tend to eat proper amounts of calories because of how the food fills you up, regulates hormone responses, etc.

  • CarmenCR commented Jul 31st 2012:

    Bravo, very important issue! The bad effects of dopamine are completely underestimated in our society.

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