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Avoiding ketosis

I recently purchased some ketostix to see if I wasn't getting enough slow-carbs.

After my first test (at 11pm just before bed) the strip registered deep purple, meaning a reading between 80-160.

I realise that ketosis is considered a good thing on some diets, it is something I had hoped to avoid on SCD due to some of the health risks associated with it.

I'm eating a portion of black beans with almost every meal, as well as carb gourging on my cheat day. Where else can I get slow carbs? How many per day should I be aiming for to stay out of Ketosis?

Or am I worrying too much about it?

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Depending on the person, I think 50-100 carbs per day brings a person into ketosis. Less for some people.

Veggies actually have some carbs, too. For instance, I think a serving of broccoli has 3 carbs. Don't forget to count those!


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Slow Carb is designed to encourage Ketosis through the night, as far as my understanding goes. That is the mechanism behind the fat burning, as fat becomes a primary fuel source during your fast. Depending on what time you eat your last meal at it is easily possible that you are in Ketosis by 11pm. This diet though is not an extended Ketosis diet like say the Last Mile.

As far as side effects of Ketosis diets go I would be interested in knowing what you are worried about? If it is liver or kidney damage then I would be interested in seeing any studies you know of that link Ketosis to this. I have not come across any human studies that show this at all, despite the hysteria about suck diets like Atkins etc. In fact the only so called evidence I ever seem to come across is from Vegan websites (and they always tend to have an agenda).

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Ketosis is safe (I honestly have no idea, all I know is you lose weight on it, reducing your body fat, Tryglycerides, etc) There are also several cultures who have always ate a Ketosis diet and have never had any type of liver or kidney problems associated with it. Not to mention the low levels of all chronic diseases within that culture. Of course there are many cultures that eat a ton of Carbs too and do just fine on those. I am starting to think that there are multiple (healthy) ways of living, its really a matter of finding what works well for you.

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