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SCD during vacations

I am going on a three-week vacation in Central Europe in August, and I am fearing that I will lose a lot of the good work done over the last few months

Any good pointers/advice on what to do, how to comply to SCD best, what to pack in the bag to take (food, supplements, etc), how to schedule stuff best so that things keep rolling smoothly



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Hey there!

Congrats on your progress thus far, and I wish you the best of luck with your diet on your upcoming vacation!

Anyways, I've gone one a few vacations while on the diet, and let me tell you it's not so bad. Best thing to do while away is not to stress about the legumes. While they are necessary in order to keep you satisfied from one meal to the next, finding a friendly neighbourhood Mexican restaurant isn't always easy.

Have a steak whenever you can with some veggies, have some fish/seafood (always a good choice), and make sure you drink LOTS of water and stay hydrated. Try to have breakfast in the morning as soon as you wake up as to get it out of the way. Eggs are pretty easy to find anywhere in any capacity with whatever your choice of breakfast meats, and whatever veggies. If that's a hassle just get some nice delis and some spinach from a local grocery store and keep it with you on the go. Not very pretty but SCD compliant.

Most importantly don't get upset if you cheat a little, as long as you're dedicated to it, in the long haul it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Right now i'm in the month of Ramadan and i'm cheating every 6th day instead of the 7th just to be able to enjoy more meals. When I went to Chicago a month ago, I had 3 cheat days in a row; one gluttonous one, and 2 moderately okay ones just so I can have everything I was craving. I'm about 6 weeks in now and have lost 24lbs and dropped 4 pant sizes.

Stay focused, stay motivated, and it'll be ok!!

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