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Why am I not having any weight loss on the 4 hour body?

I have been on the 4 hour body for 3 weeks now and Im at the same weight I started at. I am 6'2 and 240 pounds. So obviously Im really fat and have a lot to lose. It is very frustrating to get down to 235 or even 230 and have it go right back up as soon as I hit my cheat day. What might I be doing wrong? Is 4 hour body a scam? My meals are: Breakfast 4eggs and bacon, Lunch Beans Ground beef, 2nd Lunch Spinach salad, tuna, beans. Dinner, Beans, Meat or Eggs. 1 12 oz diet drink. 1 12 oz of coffee 2 tbls of cream. 40oz of unsweetened homebrewed tea. 32oz of water no snacks. Any help would be appreciated or anyone who has had success with it would be great. Also I previously was on this diet about 8 months ago and lost 20 pounds over a month getting to 225 so I know it can work i just dont know why it isn't any more? I really hate being fat and would love to get to 210 and stay there forever.


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Hey Tyler! Sorry to hear it's going slowly for you. Even without portions in your meal descriptions I can tell you eat a lot of beans and meat. Meat is mostly okay as long as it's not cooked with too much fat or oil. So the bacon is probably not a great choice for breakfast. Beans, also, can be tricky. They're important to this meal plan because they have a lot of calories, replacing the ones you used to get with fast carbs. But if you eat too much of it, it negates the benefit of making the change! A regular 16oz can of beans, I believe, has close to 400 calories. It's not a lot considering, but it can be in large quantities.

I'd recommend getting rid of bacon in breakfast, breakfast is so important to this plan that you should focus on really getting that right. Then find one of your four meals where you can cut the beans, with a goal of cutting it out of at least two meals. Once you get there, I'd consider cutting the 2nd lunch. You don't need to starve on this diet, but you can't be afraid to be a little hungry either. keep up the good work and let us know how it goes.

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Hi tyler!

Looks like you don't eat enough vegetables. A meal should contain 60% veggies - which means much more (green) veggies than your portion of protein or beans! No veggies in your plan for breakfast, 1st lunch and dinner as far as I can see. Important to change this.

1/2 cup of legumes only per meal, I don't know how much you are consuming. A lot of the people here even recommand only 1/4 cup of legumes per meal!

Other possible culprits for stalling:

- BACON: Bacon often contains sugar! Try to find bacon without added sugar.

- CREAM: mostly contains carrageen, which is a carbohydrate!

Hope this helps!

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