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4 things you learn about long term weight loss

Found this from Facebook this morning. Number 3 was the most spot on for me. http://vitals.lifehacker.com/four-things-nobody-tells-you-about-suc…
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PAGG plus Cod oil, Vitamin D, etc

Has anyone tried to combine PAGG with the testosterone long-term supplement plan? Just wondering if this is working… it’s a lot of supplements espcia...
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A little advice would be helpful

Hi everyone, I’m 6’2” 26 year old male. My starting weight was 244 pounds. my current weight is 231. I started off really well losing about 3...
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Transition from Medi Weight Loss to Slow Carb

Hello. I am just finishing up 9 weeks on the Medi weight loss program. I am a 5’4 female and I started at 151 and am ending at 127. For those who are unf...
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2 questions! Non-SCD family-body rejecting some carbs?

Hiya! I’ve been doing SCD for about 3 weeks but I have cheated a few times…im weak! I plan on following the diet more strictly but Im having so much ...
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slow-carb for skinny female?

Hey guys, First post! I’ve a question regarding slow-carb diet. I’m Asian Chinese based in Singapore, female, 29 yrs old, weight 51KG, height 1.6...
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$40 DEXA Scans in Los Angeles

All, wanted to share a DEXA scan service in Los Angeles and Orange County. www.body-spec.com BodySpec charges $40 for first scan and $55 for scans thereafter ...
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4HB for Rosacea Sufferers

Hi guys this is my first post here but i just have a question that im hoping some people can shed some light on. Ive just ordered my copy of 4 hour body today an...
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SCD Friendly Boneless Buffalo Wings



Here’s a recipe for some pretty good boneless buffalo wings if you go without the parmesan. http://peaceloveandlowcarb.com/2012/01/zero-carb-boneless-buf...
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Gamminol ok?

Anyone have any thoughts on this and the 4HB regimen?
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4 hour acting ?

http://fourhourworkweek.com/2014/12/23/4-hour-work-week-2015/ In the first podcast tim mentioned a guy who learned acting using 4 hour method but I couldn´t und...
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The Kiwi’s Workout results

Hi everyone, I just started the Kiwi’s Workout -focused on the butt- and would like to know what results did you get and how long did it take? Cheers, ...
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4 Hour Body Workout Reviews

I wrote this up for a friend of mine who was interested in gaining muscle on this plan, but hadn’t started yet. Also includes a section on creating a cus...
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made a mistake with cheat day

was at 167lbs with clothes, then had a cheat day in 3 weeks. Had 10k cal bunch of candies and chocolates. Gained 3 lbs including water weight. It’s gonna t...
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not loosing weigth

Hello all, Iam on 4hb For nearly a month, and no Result at all. I do not have a problem to keep it up, but I am trying to figure out mistakes I make. First it wa...
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How my BMI is 27.5 (overweight) and I keep losing 2-3 lbs a week

If you’re on this diet, it’s easy to do portion control. Stay away from sugar substitutes, candies, all those things because they can stimulate your ...
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Do you need a cheat day even if you eat 2000 calories daily?

Cheat days are used to avoid starvation mode. But eating 2000 calories a day would not cause starvation mode? Would I still then need a cheat day? I don’...
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"The Lowest Carb “Pasta” Recipes You’ll Ever Find"

Came across some good looking recipes and thought I would share. Most of these look like they would fit into our 4HB lifestyle or they can be slightly modified ...
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Anyone else Experiment with Ice Water?

Anyone else Experiment with Ice Water? Instead of drinking chilled water from the fridge, I’ve found a much faster fat burning method freezing it overnigh...
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How much does waist size matter?

I was on Slow Carb for a while then I sort of fell off, gained 8 pounds and a bit of fat, but now I’m starting back up. Well, I was looking through my old ...
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New comer: Question about Wine and Dairy

Simple question: can I drink wine with meals? Or I have to separate them apart for 2 hours (like Tim described in his book?)? And no, I can’t skip wine. It...
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Instagram Support Accounts

I noticed a few people using instagram to post photos of their food online. If anyone wants to post their usernames here below would be a great place. My frien...
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Oligosaccharides, anyone?

I’ve been noticing a lot of low carb sweets recipes out there that have been using products containing Oligosaccharides, Erythritol and Inulin. One sweetne...
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Cupcake with allowed ingredients

I’ve just tested this recipe and it tastes delicious AA handful of peanuts OOne table spoon of cocoa powder OOne tea spoon of Ferment 2 eggs PuPut everythi...
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Recent victim of Pizza On A Non-Cheat Day…. Don’t think I’ll be stepping on a scale for a few days…
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Sugar free energy drinks

kia ora everybody, you know how your allowed 1 small can of diet fizzy drink per day? does that include energy sugar free drinks? red bull etc??
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check out my first two days?

Unfortunately for me(on THIS diet, anyway), I LOVE to cook. Repeating meals will be the only issue for me. Otherwise…easy peazy. I introduced beans last mo...
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Can Sukrin be approved as a sugar substitute?

Hey Slow Carbers. Being on SCD for about a year, I’m still looking for a sugar substitute to make my coffee a bit tastier. I found Sukrin on Amazon recentl...
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peanut butter

when i’m having a fit of hunger i have a tablespoon of peanut butter… does anyone do this and have they found it detremental to their weight loss?
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cottage cheese and feta cheese?

Hi everyone, can someone explain why not to use feta or white cheese-balkan style cheese? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sirene Thanks and wish you good results!
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Any 4 Hour People on Reddit?

I belong to an amazing community of people over at /r/4hourbodyslowcarb/ on Reddit and was hoping maybe some of you jokers were over there too. This is my seco...
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Occam's Turkey

Hey all, Hope you had a good Easter. I had some quiet time in the house, and successfully developed the minimalist method to making an awesome turkey. Check ...
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SCD and Chewing Tobacco

Ive been chewing for a while now. I have no desire to quit and am aware o the health risks, so I’d prefer a straight answer if anyone has one and no morali...
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This Question Has Been Removed

Is there a way to delete older posts?
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FYI - burnt more calories on Cheat Day



I have been wearing the Bodymedia LINK calories tracker for almost 3 months now. I have found something interesting: I burnt more calories on Cheat day. On non...
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Ezekiel bread ?

Hi, I’m just starting this diet. I’m really wondering if Ezekiel bread would be okay…. I’m a vegetarian so eating just beans and eggs s...
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Kettlebell stories anyone?



Hiya to all swingers out here :D AFter a 6 month hiatus (regaining 6 out of my 18 hard-earned lost kilos :( ) I have restarted mt SCD and this time I intend to...
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any fighters???

hi iv taken a kickboxing fight april 26th....however iv got 6.5 kilos to lose. does anybody have any tips?? im training pretty hard twice a day 5 times a week an...
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challenges for challenges

Hi! I have a technical issue. When I click on a challenge it goes to a white screen and nothing comes up. I don't think that it's loading. Is it because I am ...
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Kombucha - can I drink during the week or only on binge days?

I have been on the slow carb diet for almost a year and I took a 13 day vacation a couple weeks ago. While on vaca I did not follow the diet. I went back on the s...
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slow carb diet while traveling overseas?

Anyone traveled overseas and found a way to stick to scd? I'm heading to the Philippines for vacation and I know what I eat here at home won't be available to me...
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Question about Insulin resistance and carb sensitivity

It seems that I won't be able to loose weight if my carb intake is above 50 gram a day. I'm debate about trying full blown Ketogenic (Atkin's). When come to thin...
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Anyone familiar with Depsyl?

Supposed to maintain blood glucose levels and aid in appetite suppression. Any feedback on this? Thanks.
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Blood issue.

My wifge has to take blood thinning agents daily and her count has crashed on the diet due we are pretty sure to the amount of green veg she is consuming. A good...
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Starting tomorrow

Hi, I am starting tomorrow. I am afraid that the love I have for eating will discourage me. Also, the 4 meals might make it difficult as well. Hopefully, I ca...
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Geek to Freak YouTube Playlist

Hey, I was having trouble accessing Tim's posted videos for geek to freak workouts, plus I wanted to get actual videos for the exercises that he only posted pict...
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This Question Has Been Removed

Is there a way to delete older posts…?
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Slow carb and calorie surplus?

Hi, I would like to ask if calorie surplus matters on the slow carb diet or will i not get fat irrespective of how much i eat as long as i stay away from stuff t...

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I also would say focus on fat loss and not weight loss. I found the first few weeks on the diet I gained muscle and my body composition changed dra...

Jason Rotramel commented on G G's reply:

Thank you , I'm ok with slow grind , the gym is already a ritual , and honestly I hate the scale anyways and would much rather be tracking my measu...

Jason Rotramel asked a question:
What time ???

My reading is that any processed soy products are out. Edamame would not be processed as it is the whole bean, so I think it is okay.

Yogurt is a dairy so I think that would be a no even though the Greek variety is high in protein and lower sugar than non-Greek. Yogurt also is go...

Yes, please! Can I continue with my love of olives or do I have to regulate them to cheat days?

^It doesn't show up as impacting insulin, but aspartame is to be avoided. Stevia was the only one the book says you can use, if needed.

I had the same thought about tomatoes and peas. Peas are on the list of "pick one thing from each of these categories" and it doesn't sa...

How long did you stay with the plan and how did you do? I'm starting tomorrow and your starting measurements are the closest to mine.

Aku Meyers commented on G G's reply:

Thanks, unfortunately beans and nuts for breakfast don't sit well with me but the protein shake is working. I'm defnitely not skipping the fats b...

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