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30-day Six Pack Sprint: Day 1

Take the 30-day Six Pack Challenge and join members jackedup and Yes as they race to get ripped six pack abs. They are both around ~16% body fat an...

Aug 10th 2012
Aug 9th 2012
Jul 27th 2012
jessisamess replied to mizeriqua's tip:

Vegetables don't have to be boring!

Nice post- I always forget to use herbs. Today I made carrots with butter and cinnamon! That tasted exciting, too Although I think many people around here try to avoid carrots...

Jul 13th 2012
Jul 13th 2012

Great to hear!! Think of measurements as numbers, too - don't get discouraged until everything stops.

Jul 12th 2012

Yeah, that's super frustrating. Are you keeping any measurements besides with a scale? Photos? a tape measure? the way your clothes fit? If y...

Jul 12th 2012
jessisamess replied to maddykiedis's question:

Having trouble understanding my body...

Hi Sorry that you're having a rough time at the moment. I have a couple of suggestions for you to play around with: 1) Please don't be frightened to eat later than you currently are. Your bod...

Jul 12th 2012
Jul 11th 2012

I second that! Welcome

Jul 9th 2012
Jul 9th 2012
jessisamess replied to Billy4HourBody's question:

Could replacing beans with pistachios work?

No need to have a hissy fit, people - it's a good question! Tim does say that we don't need to count calories, but he also says to watch the nut intake (5-10 at a time) and to watch some other sp...

Jul 9th 2012

Just for fun: I'd like to point out that because of your post a hashtag has been created for "oooooooooh baby"

Jul 8th 2012
Jul 8th 2012
Jul 8th 2012
jessisamess replied to mizeriqua's blog post:

Week 4 Results Are In!

Nice work Enjoy your free day and keep up the good work - good luck with the 100% compliance!

Jul 8th 2012
Jul 8th 2012
jessisamess replied to Chris Raphael's question:

Progress and weighing frequency

Nice progress - sounds like even though you aren't following SCD super strictly, you are eating healthier, which is what we're here for, right? I think the weighing and measuring are really a m...

Jul 8th 2012
Jul 6th 2012

Thanks for the tips. I love vinegar, so I'll definitely add that in!!

Jul 6th 2012

Thanks !! I was thinking of making a green smoothie soon for a cheat day. I can always tell when I hit ketosis, as I start craving green apples. ...

Jul 3rd 2012

As stated above - I will certainly try this with eggs. Not a bacon lover **GASP**, but I'll work with it

Jul 3rd 2012
jessisamess commented on Aks's reply:

Will try with eggs this week, thanks!

Jul 3rd 2012

hmm I haven't seen baby kale here in Hungary yet, but I'll definitely keep an eye out - thanks for the great idea

Jul 2nd 2012

Awesome, thanks!

Jun 28th 2012

Wow! Can't wait to try this one!

Jun 25th 2012
jessisamess commented on Jake's reply:

Ooh great, thanks, Jake - I was hoping this was something I could make I'll try this tomorrow, for sure!

Jun 24th 2012
Jun 24th 2012
jessisamess asked a question:

What to do with kale?

I decided to take a challenge: Now I committed myself to trying new vegetables so now I have a huge head of kale sitting in ...

Jun 24th 2012

Wow! Grand ideas!! Thanks a ton, Gretchen

Jun 23rd 2012