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    pranzo asked a question:

    What would happen if you strength train but still eat for mass?

    What would happen if you train for strength, e.g. 2-3 reps, 5 sets, 5 minute rest as suggested by Tim, but eat for mass, high calories/protein/carbs? I can't imagine all the extra calories would g...

    Feb 10th 2011
    pranzo replied to a question I'm following

    Difference between low and slow carb diets?

    Also, I believe the slow-carb diet incorporates a "cheat" day, wherein you binge on food you may pass up on your diet days.

    Feb 3rd 2011
    pranzo replied to a question I'm following

    Workout Plan

    You're not going to get big and bulky/gain massive amounts of mass unless you're eating a massive amount of food as well. You know guys that take weight-gainer, creatine, protein supplements, high...

    Feb 3rd 2011
    pranzo asked a question:

    What happens physiologically if you workout to gain mass, but don't eat and/or sleep enough?

    Something I've been curious about for a while, is how the body recovers after an intense workout geared toward hypertrophy, not given enough food or sleep afterward. If the muscles are sore and re...

    Feb 2nd 2011
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    Jan 31st 2011
    pranzo replied to a question I'm following

    Who else has tried the Vibram FiveFinger shoes?

    I wore and experimented with a pair of fivefingers last year. They're a great concept, if just to get people used to being barefoot (natural posture, gait, and using your arches) in our modern env...

    Jan 28th 2011
    pranzo replied to a question I'm following

    Please, I need URGENT help to decipher the 5k to 50k 12 weeks marathon training!

    I was a bit confused by some of the shorthand Tim used, too. Most work outs are either track workouts or crossfit workouts which I think can be searched on their website. I was also a bit nervous...

    Jan 28th 2011