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sabrina ali replied to rickyandsarah's blog post:

Member intro: Vegan Marathon Runner

Welcome! Good luck on the Boston marathon!

Feb 18th 2012
sabrina ali replied to volfan27's question:

Is there anyone actually following cold therapy?

I'm pretty sure it does work. A lot of people on 4 Hour People have done the ice baths successfully. One guy even posted a video of his ice bath (I can't find it though)! Check out these posts: h...

Feb 18th 2012
sabrina ali replied to jamaiscredule's blog post:

Hi, I'm jamaiscredule

The cold pack on the shoulder is pretty soothing while sitting at the desk. I'm not sure if it works, but it definitely feels good after a hard day at the gym.

Feb 18th 2012
sabrina ali replied to setla's question:

When do you see results

If you're doing it correctly, you should lose a lot of water weight right away simply due to a decrease in carbs (carbs retain water like crazy).

Feb 18th 2012
sabrina ali replied to lucy's question:

Help! I have no kitchen

You could try deli lunch meats, canned tuna/fish, canned beans/veggies, and lots of fresh salads with olive oil & vinegar (and a few nuts for snacking). Just think meat & salads and you sh...

Oct 2nd 2011
sabrina ali replied to Stacy's blog post:

Member intro: I am starting Monday!

Hey there, You can check out this post for the list of veggies allowed on the slow carb diet. Tomatoes and onions are fine,...

Oct 2nd 2011
May 26th 2011
sabrina ali asked a question:

Alternatives to chicken

I find chicken a bit dry and hard to make taste good, but I love that it's low fat and high protein. Are there any other meats like this or ways to prepare chicken that are tasty?

Jan 24th 2011
sabrina ali asked a question:

Slow-carb dieting at work

For all the 9-5ers out there, it's extremely challenging to eat the perfectly balanced meals outlined in the book. To make things worse, our office is stocked with all kinds of snacks: chips, cand...

Jan 20th 2011
sabrina ali asked a question:

Mary Roach: 10 things you didn't know about orgasm

I just wanted to post a link to the TED talk video '10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm' mentioned in the book, it's pretty fascinating stuff. Orgasms from eyebrow rubbing, tooth brushing, mind...

Jan 19th 2011
sabrina ali asked a question:

Couldn't handle cold shower

I tried the cold shower thing this morning and nearly died. I didn't last more than say...30 seconds tops. I'm might have gone into shock if I stayed any longer, as it's winter here and the cold w...

Jan 19th 2011