My 4HB Goal: Starting 280 and lost weight on my own. Enter 4HB, SCD and OEP Current weight 205 Goal Weight 150 (in pounds) I will reach 150 pounds on or before Dec 1, 2012. It is written.





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    i have to try that then. Makes lots of sense too, since your body hold on to water around all those carbs. Thanks!

    May 28th 2012
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    Exercise / Weight Loss Help Needed

    Congrats on you WL so far. How is your water intake? You may try to up it if it's too low. Go for at least 100 oz daily. You can do it. Also, sodium intake could make you retain water. For a bi...

    May 27th 2012
    May 27th 2012
    May 27th 2012
    vickskat asked a question:

    How have your cheat days changed?

    Hello All. I have just started this way of eating recently and i have at least 50 lbs of fat to lose. My first Cheat day was yesterday, and well, I'm waking up feeling like crapola. I ate all th...

    May 27th 2012
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    Female, 29 Current Weight - 205 Goal weight - 150

    May 27th 2012