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    Wil Moushey replied to Shery's question:

    Still stalling

    Drink more water! I would also consider dropping the butter, mayo and cream in the coffee. I have also found personally that including lean beef into the plan has enhanced fat loss. Good luck!

    May 22nd 2012

    Agree with the wine suggestion. It gives me something to Look forward to

    May 22nd 2012
    Wil Moushey replied to 42Wired's tip:
    May 18th 2012
    May 15th 2012

    I agree with you. I just went with the regular beef. I decided if I am ever absolutely craving a good grass fed steak, I will just go to whole foo...

    May 15th 2012
    Wil Moushey asked a question:

    Grass fed beef?

    So I'm making my weekly stop at Costco today, and was just curious if anyone had an opinion on their Kirkland 85/15 grass fed ground beef. I typically try to go for leaner cuts of beef but because...

    May 14th 2012
    Wil Moushey commented on DerekM's reply:

    Derek- awesome job on the testosterone paper! Made for a great read on a quick flight. Thanks for sharing!

    May 11th 2012
    Wil Moushey replied to H0llyw00d's question:

    Sugar Fix?????

    Tim suggest sugar free jello, make sure it's in moderation though. For me, a TBSP of almond butter or all natural peanut butter always does the trick.

    May 2nd 2012
    Wil Moushey replied to dylan debiase's question:

    Constant Hunger!

    Adding fats is a good suggestion. I am also a younger active male (23) and I have found since adding more Grass Fed Beef to my diet I have felt more full. Then again I am at more of a maitenance p...

    May 2nd 2012
    Wil Moushey replied to sbajz's question:

    Cheat days

    5 pounds really isn't much of a gain at all! If you want to try to speed up the process of getting back to your normal weight, I have found drinking more water on cheat days helps out a lot. But l...

    May 2nd 2012
    Wil Moushey replied to Senshin's question:

    Breakfast Fritata, a week's worth of breakfasts!

    Awesome! I am definitely going to give this one a try!

    Apr 30th 2012
    Wil Moushey asked a question:

    Eat before bed?

    Do you usually eat anything before bed? I usually go with a TBSP or 2 of natural nut butter. Does anyone see a problem with this?

    Apr 30th 2012
    Apr 29th 2012
    Wil Moushey replied to rlj's question:

    Grapefruit Juice

    I usually do grapefruit juice before my first cheat meal, then water with lemon before all others. I don't use PAGGs, but I drink a lot of yerba mate, coffee, and water throughout the day. Goodluc...

    Apr 29th 2012
    Wil Moushey asked a question:

    What's your cheat day regimen?

    I'm excited for my cheat day tomorrow! Whats your routine?

    Apr 28th 2012
    Wil Moushey replied to halloweenqueen's question:

    SCD How many carbs per day?

    50 grams of carbs would still be really low. That would mean you pretty much eat one meal containing legumes each day. Don't worry about counting, just stick to the recommended foods and you will ...

    Apr 28th 2012
    Wil Moushey blogged:


    I was a former college football player, who it into a bodybuilding lifestyle for the past year. After reading the 4 hour body I became fascinated with Tim and his way of life. I am all in!

    Apr 28th 2012