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My 4HB Goal: To commit properly to the Slow Carb diet, shift some fat and live healthier.







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scott_riley replied to Litfuel's question:

anyone doing intermittent fasting with scd? Results?

My last experiment with a 36-hour fast resulted in a much higher weekly loss than I'd normally see with no side effects at all. Tonnes of water and lots of black coffee kept me going easily and I...

Aug 15th 2012
scott_riley replied to Chrissy Rockwell's question:

Pork Roll yea or nay?

I'd say it's an 'in moderation' food, very low carb content but very high in fat too. Around twice as much fat than protein, gram-for-gram. It's also quite sodium-rich, so you'd want to try and ...

Aug 8th 2012
Aug 1st 2012
scott_riley replied to Ireland's question:

Electronic ab stimulators

Electric muscle 'stimulators' are some of the biggest piles of crap on the market right now and are sheer and total wastes of money. If you have flab on your stomach then the only way to make you...

Jul 30th 2012
scott_riley replied to August Butjaikin's question:

Starting up - food plan

That meal plan sounds fine to me apart from one pretty major ommission. Legumes. There's 0 legumes in any of your meals and this is more akin to a ketogenic diet like Atkins. Your calorie count...

Jul 26th 2012
scott_riley replied to Jennifer Hutchinson's question:

Has anyone ever gained everything back on the 2nd cheat day?

The only losses I really care about are my weekly losses. These are taken the morning of my cheat day, on the same scales, in the same scenario (i.e. completely naked right after peeing). All ot...

Jul 24th 2012
scott_riley replied to Oliver Hume's question:

Is this an appropriate breakfast?

Add another egg or some egg whites and you're golden. Total protein falls just short of the 30g, but only ever-so-slightly, if you can stomach another egg then I don't think it'd hurt. Although y...

Jul 23rd 2012
scott_riley replied to Tomhole's question:

Before and during: I'm still fat

Wow, you should absolutely, in no way, be beating yourself up about those results. Really noticeable visible improvement, especially considering you were a stone heavier than that before you star...

Jul 20th 2012
Jul 20th 2012
scott_riley replied to Stephen Bidgood's question:

Curious as to how much this will "hurt me"

You'll probably either stall, or at least limit, your overnight weight loss. One tiny bit of cake in the long run won't derail you, at least not physically. Just don't fall into the mental trap o...

Jul 19th 2012
scott_riley asked a question:

4 week results

Hello you beautiful people. I thought i would provide a little info on my first month on the Slow Carb diet. There's been lots of ups, some minor downs and some seriously gluttonous cheat days; h...

Jul 17th 2012
scott_riley replied to seoulfully's question:

Mental cheat day

The amount of food I've eaten/can stomach in total has gone down with each cheat day but I still absolutely love them. While I can never stomach as much as I promise myself I'm going to eat, fina...

Jul 16th 2012
scott_riley replied to JeffL's question:

Just modifying breakfast as a gateway?

First of all, starting with breakfast is definitely the way forward. With regards to the protein shakes, I know a lot of people drink them to comply with the “30 within 30” rule (30g of prote...

Jul 13th 2012
scott_riley replied to Sam Theman's question:

Cissus and or pagg giving you body odor?

Some spices and garlic will produce bacteria that breaks down really quickly and is released through your pores as you sweat. In your case, it's probably the allicin in the garlic. I've always no...

Jul 10th 2012
Jul 10th 2012
scott_riley replied to sabre2hopes's question:

has anyone tried skipping breakfast?

I've just tried almost a week of skipping breakfast, eating the same lunch every day and similar evening meals; here's what I noticed. Wednesday morning, no change from the previous morning Thurs...

Jul 10th 2012
scott_riley replied to dnbrdy's tip:

Awesome Slow Carb Recipes...I'll Go First

Awesome Recipe No. 1 My favourite thing to make for lunch is a huge pot of chili that I can then portion out and eat whenever I feel like it. This makes somewhere between 5-7 servings depending on...

Jul 4th 2012
scott_riley asked a question:

Good accompaniments to kimchi?

Hello you beautiful people. I like the sound of kimchi, from what I can tell it's quite strong, spicy and quite sour, that certainly does appeal to me. I was wondering if anyone has any suggesti...

Jun 25th 2012

Fantastic advice Gretchen!

Jun 24th 2012
Jun 24th 2012
scott_riley replied to Chippah's question:

Incorporating workout into SCD?

Tim emphasises in the book that exercising isn't mandatory in the SCD: “I suspect you are overtraining and actually losing muscle, given your description. This will lower your basal metabolic r...

Jun 24th 2012
scott_riley replied to jessisamess's question:

It's hot outside- what to eat?

Probably not the most imaginative of dishes but you could try a salad with some lentils/mixed beans and lots of spinach. That's what I resort to when I'm feeling lazy in work.

Jun 23rd 2012

Thanks a lot beaujac! Do you think I could make this a regular breakfast if I hammered the water? I usually drink a pint of water with breakfast, ...

Jun 23rd 2012
Jun 23rd 2012
Jun 21st 2012

Most definitely, and thanks a lot for pointing out the salt/sodium conundrum, completely forgot to look into that. Each sausage has 3.8mg of sodi...

Jun 21st 2012
Jun 21st 2012
scott_riley replied to Mitchel Oleiro's question:

A noob with a horrible lifestyle:)

Easiest way to avoid hangover food is to not get a hangover Some of the crap I used to eat when I've been drinking the night before is terrible and while I think it's helping me out, it really i...

Jun 21st 2012
scott_riley replied to WantmyBodyBack's question:

Eggs at night, -1lb in the morning?

Wow, awesome, think I'll start experimenting with that myself!

Jun 21st 2012
scott_riley asked a question:

Polish Kabano

So I've just finished a chicken and kabano salad (spinach, watercress and rocket, no dressing or seasoning), which was absolutely delicious. As someone who usually hates leaves, I'm pretty stoked ...

Jun 21st 2012