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My 4HB Goal: You are younger today than you ever will be again. Make use of it.





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    vrenlos asked a question:

    Day after cheat day gain?

    Let me start by saying I'm in no way discouraged, just a bit curious to see if anyone else experiences this. My first two weeks have gone pretty well, dropping between 6-7lbs or so. After my fir...

    May 15th 2012
    vrenlos commented on vrenlos's reply:

    I've been considering Occam's Protocol, but I want to try without for a little while longer to see how my weight/fat loss continues first. Once I...

    May 14th 2012
    vrenlos replied to koolsome's question:

    Should I start with PAG (Green Tea coming in 2 weeks)

    While the effects of each complements the results of the others, they are not dependent on each other. If you feel that you want to get at least a small amount of the EGCG then try drinking a cou...

    May 11th 2012

    There's absolutely nothing to laugh at! That's 25 more swings than you did before today! Great work on getting started with, arguably, one of the...

    Apr 25th 2012
    vrenlos blogged:

    Member intro: Trying to kick some of the extra...

    Hey all, I'm an Electrical Engineering PhD student with (fingers crossed) less than a year left in school. My early days of grad school were spent under the tyrannical thumb of, to be blunt, a s...

    Apr 22nd 2012