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smartycoulottes replied to aahleyah's blog post:

day 4 and only 2.2 lbs

This is why most people advise to only weigh yourself once a week. Four days is really not much as it takes your body three days to even realize you're eating differently and start to shift gears...

Apr 21st 2012
smartycoulottes replied to Spleeny Zambonius's blog post:

Second day: Grumpy guts

Sounds like you are eating foods you don't enjoy. That never ends well. I can guarantee you that you can find foods here that you like even if you are a carb junky. Carbs are nice and soft and ...

Apr 21st 2012
smartycoulottes replied to Katherine's question:

Has anyone tried combining slow carb with ABC?

Hey there. I can tell you that this is definitely not compatible with ABC. You are much better off with slow carb NOT counting calories. With a low carb diet, doing low calories is actually cou...

Apr 21st 2012
smartycoulottes blogged:

Disordered Chef

You name an eating disorder, I've had it. From compulsive overeating as a child I switched to anorexia back and forth with ED-NOS. Was never clinically bulimic, but definitely teetered on the ed...

Apr 21st 2012