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My 4HB Goal: Shift 11 lbs come hell or high water!







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    Apr 23rd 2012
    ax474627 commented on Jake's reply:

    Yeah, if it's one of the fruity ones you get in a bottle from fancy grocery stores it will almost certainly be sweetened.... bad news.

    Apr 20th 2012

    What happens if I still want/need to run though? I did a 6k yesterday (challenging route, pretty hilly) because I don't want to lose my ability to...

    Apr 20th 2012
    ax474627 commented on Nin Nappi's reply:

    I'm now exactly at the same weight as I was this time last week. Which is annoying to have a week that perfectly followed the plan and still be th...

    Apr 20th 2012
    ax474627 replied to volfan27's question:

    Is there anyone actually following cold therapy?

    I take cold showers because I'm too cheap to shell out for an ice pack, believe it or not. It was horrendous at first so I worked my way up to turning the hot water off competely for about a wee...

    Apr 19th 2012
    ax474627 replied to Spleeny Zambonius's blog post:

    Third Day: Inconsistent Meal Time, but still Slow Carb

    Just buy canned beans. They're still cheap and worth the expense and lack of fuss!

    Apr 19th 2012
    ax474627 asked a question:

    Time of the month - ladeez, a little help?

    I was telling everyone I know about the 4 hour body when I lost about 7 lbs in the first two weeks. I have been following with very little deviation (a couple of frozen berries if I was at breaki...

    Apr 18th 2012
    ax474627 blogged:

    Hello 4HB folk!

    I am doing a veganised version of 4HB to shift 11 lbs!

    Apr 18th 2012