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    rlj asked a question:

    Grapefruit Juice

    Confused, I have seen to drink grapefruit juice before meals and I have seen to do it after, which is correct? Also, do you skips week with PAGGs? Thanks!

    Apr 29th 2012
    rlj asked a question:

    ?? First Week??

    Hi, I just started my 2nd week and I have some questions, I though I had posted them last night, but, I don't see it! What is a good caloric intake? I am 5'5", 50 years old, 156.8 (before ...

    Apr 26th 2012
    rlj replied to rodtrueofabby's question:

    Getting enough calories?

    5 oz of chicken breast is closer to 350 calories and a 1/2 cup of beans are mor like 120 cal do that is 470 cal on the meal. So i think you're closer to 900 for the day. I've just been trying t...

    Apr 26th 2012
    rlj asked a question:

    ??Questions?? Just finished week One

    What is to much protein, if there is... Cinnamon, just the powder sprinkled in coffee? Veggies, how much? Cheat day, really, how much should I increase my calories? Should I stick to a caloric am...

    Apr 26th 2012
    Apr 24th 2012