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My 4HB Goal: I start with small goals, 10lbs at a time.







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    mkr6taclai asked a question:

    Shredded Cheese

    I know most 4hour people don't use cheese. I do on my "free day" and occasionally on other days . I recently had something about shredded cheese brought to my attention. I thought I wa...

    Nov 8th 2013

    I too have noticed small changes in my clothes during this plateau even if the scale doesn't reflect a decrease. I just got done re-reading 4-hour...

    Apr 5th 2013

    Gretchen, I'm in the middle of a 3 month plateau right now. I've lost a total of 66 pounds but basically since Christmas I gain my three pounds on...

    Apr 5th 2013

    Gretchlin, Your sausage recipe sounds wonderful, I HAVE to try it!!

    Mar 31st 2013
    mkr6taclai replied to shrinkingleon's blog post:

    Updated Before-and-after pics

    Leon, You look amazing! So glad to hear you are still following slow carb. I remember reading/looking at your pics when I first started slow carb a little over a year ago. Keep it up!!

    Mar 16th 2013
    mkr6taclai replied to Mentor Palokaj's question:

    4 Hour Body Part 1 Summary

    Very helpful to have a quick refresher of the basics. Thanks for posting!

    Mar 16th 2013

    I never thought about putting cocoa powder with almond butter. Sounds yummy!

    Nov 28th 2012
    mkr6taclai replied to Katie Jester's question:

    great deal on vitamins

    Thanks for posting the information and link! They seem to have good prices.

    Nov 27th 2012
    mkr6taclai asked a question:

    So how did everyone do with their huge Thanksgiving meal?

    I had extended my days(10) waiting until thanksgiving to have my Cheat day knowing that in our family we always have a huge feast with all the normal high sugary, glutenous foods. It was a little...

    Nov 25th 2012
    mkr6taclai replied to Minnesota's question:

    Happy holidays everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Jones!!

    Nov 23rd 2012
    mkr6taclai replied to Drewfis H's tip:

    Clothing dilemma solved!

    I'm having the same issue. Its a great issue to have I pinned both sides of my clothes at the waist until I finally give them to someone or take them to the goodwill. I struggle when it comes t...

    Nov 21st 2012
    mkr6taclai replied to Sephog OG's question:

    state of ketosis

    I get a metal taste in my mouth. It really freaked me out the first time it happened to me. I was planning on going to the doctor to see what was wrong with me. I was afraid that I had a infection...

    Nov 15th 2012

    I made myself a goodie bag for my free day this weekend. But it was very tempting!

    Nov 1st 2012
    mkr6taclai replied to chasebald's question:

    What's your weakness?

    Cheese, I miss putting cheese on my salads or just snacking on a slice of cheese.

    Sep 27th 2012

    UPDATE: 10/24 Woo Hoo! I broke the slump I lost a total of 2 pounds this week....I'm so excited! I did a little tweeking and kept up the bike ridi...

    Sep 24th 2012

    I love dill pickles, but I stay away from them when its close to my official weigh day. Once I ate so many that the next morning I had gained 5 lb...

    Sep 15th 2012

    Interesting, keep us updated!

    Sep 15th 2012

    Brenda, Thanks for responding! Keep going, You will get to that 50 pound loss. I look back at where I started and I remember thinking it wont hap...

    Sep 14th 2012
    mkr6taclai commented on wombat's reply:

    #3 I going to start weighing and measuring my meats again, just to see where I'm really at on the protein. I use our own eggs from our chickens, t...

    Sep 14th 2012
    mkr6taclai commented on wombat's reply:

    Wombat, I was joking about the animals, they do eat more so they can build the fat needed for the winter months, NO, I haven't been eating more. ...

    Sep 14th 2012

    I went through a phase where I was eating nuts in the evening, then I dropped them and went to snacking on a spoonful of peanut butter. I have eli...

    Sep 14th 2012

    Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1 cup spinanch, 1/2 cup beans Twice a week I have bacon, and drop the beans on those mornings Lunch: Usually chicken breast ...

    Sep 14th 2012

    Akane, thanks for responding! And congratulations on meeting your goal. YOU have been an inspiration to me! I'm 46 year old female 5ft, by hubby...

    Sep 14th 2012
    mkr6taclai asked a question:

    GOOD NEWS...I know now why No weight/fat loss :)

    I finally realized something this week. For a month I have yo-yo between 1 pound. I go up a 1/2 pound, lose 6 oz, up again, down again.....for a whole month. Yes very frustrating. I done everythin...

    Sep 14th 2012
    mkr6taclai replied to Dragonfly's question:

    Pros and Cons of Daily weigh-ins

    I weigh every morning.

    Sep 11th 2012

    Gretchen, Congratulations on your progress! I too am slowly losing although I super excited about my 51 pounds loss in 8 months. I try not to comp...

    Sep 10th 2012
    Jul 28th 2012

    I always think about having cheese on my cheat days. I always have a salad piled high with cheese and ranch dressing. It usally satsifies the crav...

    Jul 24th 2012

    The first time I went into Ketosis I freaked out. I was a couple of months into eating scd and all of a sudden my mouth had a metal taste, I kept ...

    Jul 22nd 2012
    mkr6taclai replied to Eric I's question:

    Your advice is priceless

    I checked out Why We Get Fat from the library. Its on my list of books to purchase. Excellent book and I too read it very quickly couldn't seem to put it down.... btw you can Youtube Gary Taubes a...

    Jul 21st 2012
    mkr6taclai replied to Tomhole's tip:

    Ketosis: some info

    I just finished two weeks without eating beans. I did it to experiment and try to sped up weight lost. It seems the last couple of months I've slowed down to usually just a 1lb loss weekly. Sinc...

    Jul 21st 2012
    mkr6taclai asked a question:

    blood testing lab results, What do you think?

    Last week our area hospital was offering free health screenings which included several free testings. I got a fasting blood test screening and body fat index test done. Here are the results. What ...

    Jul 16th 2012
    mkr6taclai commented on beaujac's reply:

    Oh yes, I drink water and unsweetened tea all day long, so I really don't think that is it, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try and get more fluid...

    Jul 14th 2012
    mkr6taclai asked a question:

    Anyone having muscle spasms in legs?

    I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible muscle spasm in my calf, a few nights ago I had a similar one but not as bad. Today my leg still hurts. What could be the cause of these. I've...

    Jul 14th 2012
    Jul 14th 2012