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My 4HB Goal: i was 106 KG, wanna get that down to 98 KG within 15 days. update: day 6 and were down 3.7 KG! update: day 12 4,8 KG!







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    so ive counted my protein and turns out im n ot eating enough protein in the morning so i added 100 grams chicken.

    Apr 24th 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to ggg_garo's question:

    Breakfast problem.. suggestions please!!

    i got the same problem, beans alone is not very tasty, i add about an ounce of spinache to my 3 Eggs, makes for a nice omelette!

    Apr 24th 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to kiddingme's question:

    Strained knee from running

    go to a doctor for a diagnosis, a torn meniscus or even worse frontal cruciate ligament can get wors en mess up your entire knee, i know from experience, be carefull with those joints, you need em...

    Apr 22nd 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to aahleyah's blog post:

    day 4 and only 2.2 lbs

    Hi! You just started and you have results, which proves the diet is working for you! besides weight have you noticed any other changes? do you feel better? do you sleep better? do you feel happy?...

    Apr 21st 2012

    well the thing is, they dont even have to be accurate, as long as theyre wrong all the time and within the same range, its fine to, same goes for ...

    Apr 20th 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to klclark's question:

    Stalling? I hope not

    Hi, i find keeping track of my progress dependable on three things. 1. Weight. 2. Size 3. Fat Percentage. your not losing weight, and your not losing size, so you must turning fat into muscle. ...

    Apr 20th 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to Spleeny Zambonius's blog post:

    Day Four and Five: Strict Diet Cracking at the Edges

    Hi, Im in my first week to, but im not working till may first, so i can manage what and when i eat a bit better. My girlfriend however is not on the diet, at first, i had a really hard time seing...

    Apr 20th 2012
    Apr 20th 2012
    Apr 20th 2012

    so true, bread, and milk! how i miss milk, i used to drink 2 - 3 glasses a day, thats harsh, I also miss fruit! so i think ill have me a cheese sa...

    Apr 20th 2012

    so what are the results of your way of "cheating" in weight and fat %? do you go up at all or does your losing fat stall a bit?

    Apr 20th 2012
    TimsSchuurman asked a question:

    First Cheat day coming up

    So my very first cheat day is coming up and i was wondering about what to eat. I dig chocolate and candy and all that but i've never eaten it excessively. really all i want to do is eat bread, p...

    Apr 19th 2012
    Apr 18th 2012

    one thing though, id cut down on the eggs, the eggwhites are fine, keep eating those, but id leave out 4 of 7 yolks because of cholesterol.

    Apr 18th 2012

    well, there is a reason you aren't losing inches/weight. but its definitely not a wrong one! you work out a lot, did you work out before you start...

    Apr 18th 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to Getfitgirl's question:

    My SCD worry

    whats your question?

    Apr 17th 2012

    Awesome, danke scheun charley!

    Apr 17th 2012

    and dont forget to get at least 30 grams of protein. you had a hard time, but you made it, and it probably made you feel proud right? well done t...

    Apr 17th 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to Ramonastar's question:

    Sabotaged part 2

    you are answering your question yourself by feeling bad about snacking non SCD foods. Stop doing that, you dont want to feel bad do you? who would? just decide that from this minute on you are on ...

    Apr 17th 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to matthewt's question:

    Cottage Cheese?

    a semi related question, how do you eat cottage cheese so it is eatable. because i find it flippin disgusting plain.

    Apr 17th 2012

    you can also try carrots, if your a carrotteer offcourse.

    Apr 17th 2012

    ah good idea, so you had the same problem in germany? what are they called in german?

    Apr 16th 2012
    TimsSchuurman asked a question:

    what are the dutch names for all these beans?

    so ive been trying to figure out what the fudge the deal is with all these beans. Pinto beans, Black beans, Red beans, Soy beans... driving me mad, any dutch people in here who can help me out? i...

    Apr 15th 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to briancruz's question:

    What's your typical slow carb lunch?

    i've noticed not a lot of people stir fry food. i do. all the time. - I start off with 200 grams of chopped up chicken filet and bake it in olive oil. - Add some sambal, i add 1 full table spoon...

    Apr 15th 2012
    Apr 14th 2012
    TimsSchuurman asked a question:

    To sambal, or not to sambal.

    So im a sambal fanatic, i eat it with absolutely anything, i didnt find anything about it in the book. can anyone tell me if i can eat it? because just chicken and veggies is dull, but addign a ta...

    Apr 13th 2012
    TimsSchuurman replied to lizzylou's question:

    I just need to know if I'm normal.

    i just started and that afternoon dip was wat i freared the most, but the book says that if you feel tired, hungry, sluggish or whatever your just not eating enough. just eat another meal, or some...

    Apr 13th 2012
    TimsSchuurman blogged:

    Fitter is better!

    Hi! My name is Tim, i'm 25 and i thought it was time to work on my health a bit. simple as that actually!

    Apr 13th 2012