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My 4HB Goal: I haven't set a specific long-term goal yet. I'm going by 10lb increments as a start.



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    Gerzie commented on Graham's reply:

    I probably should have been more specific with what I was drinking in my original post. I know he had his dad do it, I started with it and I guess...

    Apr 11th 2012
    Gerzie commented on BabyDolphin's reply:

    And thank you BabyDolphin. Like I replied to Graham, I'll be drinking more water this week. I already rinse the black beans once I open the can. ...

    Apr 10th 2012
    Gerzie commented on Graham's reply:

    Thanks for the advice, Graham. I'll force more water into face hole this week and see where it takes me. I ran out of Myoplex yesterday so I guess...

    Apr 10th 2012
    Gerzie asked a question:

    I am positive I am doing something wrong...

    I've gone 17lbs total in two months but practically all of that was in the first month. For the last 20 days I've been bouncing between 247 and 244 lbs and I can't figure out why. For breakfast ...

    Apr 10th 2012