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My 4HB Goal: To drop a inch this month!







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    Now I don't feel entirely too bad about my grocery run yesterday gearing up for my first cheat day tomorrow. I bought snickers ice cream, mint cho...

    Apr 13th 2012
    Farrahmayleigh Knight replied to Dominique Martin's question:

    Maltitol nightmare!!!

    Oh my goodness I know EXACTLY how you feel and went through. When I was on the Atkins diet I bought some sugarfree chocolate candies and couldn't help myself to just a few. I ate the entire packet...

    Apr 13th 2012
    Farrahmayleigh Knight replied to ImmyFTW's question:

    Questions for ALL SCDers

    Answers #1. Yes I've dieted before, using the Atkins approach I lost the weight I wanted 10 years ago, then gained about 50lbs over those 10 years most of it stayed with me the last 3 years after...

    Apr 13th 2012
    Farrahmayleigh Knight replied to mmg2681's question:

    Week 1 Results

    Way to go! I know what you mean. I started on Monday officially, but ate a few SLC meals on Thursday/Friday prior. I have lost 9.5lbs thusfar. Tomorrow I will have my cheat/fun day and I can't w...

    Apr 13th 2012
    Apr 10th 2012

    Thanks Graham...I hate messing up so early in the game. I'll have to just pick around it when I have the rest. Have a great rest of your day!

    Apr 10th 2012
    Apr 10th 2012
    Farrahmayleigh Knight asked a question:

    I messed up with corn

    Hello all! Have a question. Has anyone eaten corn and had it mess up their progress? I made a veggie stir-fry for lunch and added fresh corn off 2 ears with some green beans and a red onion. I ...

    Apr 10th 2012
    Farrahmayleigh Knight blogged:

    Measurements in inches

    I took some measurements and here they are. It makes me sick thinking about it! I also took a "before" photo. Don't know if I'm game enough to post it. Will see when I download. I starte...

    Apr 7th 2012

    Thank you very much. I didn't go to sleep last night til almost 2am looking over the site so much good stuff here. I couldn't locate my measurin...

    Apr 7th 2012
    Farrahmayleigh Knight replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

    Akane's Before/After Pictures :)

    AMAZING! So fantastic...You just made me a believer!

    Apr 7th 2012
    Apr 7th 2012