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My 4HB Goal: Find a way to have the body I want without it being so much of a contest between my willpower and my impulses.







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    JeffL replied to Mags's question:

    Disappointment. Failure. Moving forward.

    I have had a very similar experience. I moved to SCD after doing stricty calorie counting for nearly two years. It worked, but it stopped being sustainable. After doing SCD for 8 months or so (lo...

    Dec 29th 2012
    JeffL commented on scott_riley's reply:

    Thanks, Scott!

    Jul 13th 2012
    JeffL asked a question:

    Just modifying breakfast as a gateway?

    Hello all, Thanks for all the great posts here. I appreciate the work the community does to support and help each other. I am considering trying to get my father interested in the SCD and I am v...

    Jul 13th 2012
    Jul 13th 2012
    JeffL replied to Michael Ragsdale's question:

    Does diet soft drinks increase insulin response?

    Here is an anecdote for you (this is not data!): Even when I started the SCD I didn't have much weight to lose (10 lbs?). Instead I was trying it as an alternative to very careful counting of cal...

    Jul 13th 2012
    JeffL replied to Minnesota's tip:

    Helpful health-bits

    Thanks for putting this up. The breakfast part was especially helpful. I think I have been overestimating how much protein I have been getting (meaning, I have not been hitting the 30g mark). Time...

    Jun 21st 2012
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    Apr 18th 2012
    Apr 18th 2012
    JeffL asked a question:

    Least bad snack?

    I'm finding that some kind of evening snack is just plain necessary on some days. I have tried cottage cheese with a bit of Splenda, andi have also done almond butter with carrots... but that woul...

    Apr 18th 2012