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aaahh to be a young active male!!!!

May 2nd 2012
goodkarma replied to 42Wired's blog post:

Results After 6 Weeks of Tweaking Diet

wow! i just used your link and found out that zucchini are a fruit and a no-no!!! i never thought of them as a fruit and now will stop eating them. Very helpful little link that

Apr 26th 2012
goodkarma replied to RainingHands's tip:

Cheat day recipe as requested

This sounds amazing!

Apr 26th 2012
goodkarma shared a tip:

for the discouraged some notes:no more AM protein shake

Hi! I haven't been having much success 3 weeks into this program and recent analysis has make me decide to drop the protein shake as my first food of the day. Today was the first day that I didn'...

Apr 25th 2012
Apr 25th 2012
goodkarma replied to cookworm123's question:

Blech! Frustrated

Hey cookworm, There is tons of advice on this forum, click through and read what folks have to say about getting results. I don't need to reiterate all that for you when the awesome folks here ha...

Apr 24th 2012
goodkarma commented on wombat's reply:

Thanks to both of you! I will crank up the water and dial back on some beans. The beans are my 'comfy food' in this diet and maybe I am eating m...

Apr 22nd 2012
goodkarma asked a question:

some advice and guidance for newbie

Hi. I have been on SCD since April 1st and am still trying to figure out why I am not losing the weight and inches that I read others losing. Can some other 140 lb 5'4' women out there chime in a...

Apr 22nd 2012