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My 4HB Goal: 1. Target Weight 210-215 lb. 2. Waist Measurement of 36' (Started at 42') 3. BF% between 10% and 13% (Started near 25%) 4. Break Personal Best 300 lb. Bench Press from 5/08





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    Aug 2nd 2012
    FB1489 replied to Gary McDaniel's question:

    Chipolte bowl diet and fluctaitions in weight

    Gary, Congrats on the progress so far, starting out is by far the hardest part. When I started out (6' 3 ~257 lb.) I constantly would check the scale during the day and saw my weight fluctuate ...

    Aug 2nd 2012
    FB1489 asked a question:

    Last Mile Diet Eval

    Hey All, I just started a desk job a few weeks ago and decided after 6-7 weeks of stalled weight loss but still dropping 1-2% BF that I wanted to experiment with this for the next 6 weeks and see...

    Jul 13th 2012
    FB1489 commented on Maria Rider's reply:

    Akane, Thanks for the comments! Especially the amount of beans, I measured out 3/4 a cup this morning and it was WAY smaller than what I usually ...

    May 1st 2012
    FB1489 asked a question:

    Any Reason for Concern?

    It's been almost 3 weeks since my last check-in. After a quick drop to 220 pounds from almost 260 in January, I have been experiencing a plateau in weight loss since the beginning of March (as se...

    May 1st 2012

    Broke the plateau last week! The tweaks I made were that I exercised twice as opposed to once, extended my cheat day cycle to 8 days (reluctantly,...

    Apr 3rd 2012
    FB1489 commented on Jake's reply:

    Thanks Jake. It sounds like stalls are a very natural part of SCD and this is just my first time experiencing one. I am going to experiment with...

    Mar 26th 2012
    FB1489 commented on Graham's reply:

    Graham, thank you for the comment. It's good to hear from someone came from a similar spot. The lifestyle changes were tough at first but feeli...

    Mar 26th 2012

    Thanks for the comments and encouragement Arctic. Here is my current eating plan: Breakfast: 3 Fried Eggs, 4 strips of Turkey Bacon, Cup of Coff...

    Mar 26th 2012
    FB1489 blogged:


    Began 4HB in January 2012 after gaining over 20 pounds since I started college in 2008. This is my first dedicated effort at controlling what I eat and I have found Tim's approach to put me in mu...

    Mar 24th 2012
    FB1489 asked a question:

    Plateau after 9 weeks of consistent weight loss?

    Hello Everyone, First I wanted to give a shout out to everyone in this forum. I just recently joined but have been reading different peoples' stories for the last month and it has only inspired ...

    Mar 24th 2012