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    Apr 23rd 2013
    Mike B commented on Mike B's reply:

    Well it goes down one day and up the next - I am maintaining very easily. I have lost a total of 45 pounds - but due to some circumstances (Car A...

    Apr 19th 2013
    Mike B replied to Ashleigh Fiddler's question:

    SCD Breakfast only?

    I am currently maintaining weight by following the rules for breakfast and lunch and then eating whatever the wife makes for dinner. (Always a good plan anyway, right?). I gain a little one day ...

    Apr 18th 2013
    Mike B replied to jitkajulie's question:

    Do you ever think about..

    Sure - My cholesterol went from 270 on meds to 130 without meds. I have 3 full eggs a day 6 days a week and I add ham to the mix and top it off with sugar free salsa. My Cardiologist is happy......

    Mar 26th 2013
    Mike B replied to Anser Shah's question:

    unsweetened almond milk and stevia

    Experiment! Try one week with and 1 week without. I use half a pack of Stevia in my coffee and even some half and half! Down 45 pounds - and still losing. Track your diet, follow it for two we...

    Feb 15th 2013

    Chocolate covered raisins - I eat them (small amounts) all day. Whatever for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, good meal (enchiladas, cassarole, etc...

    Jan 8th 2013
    Mike B shared a tip:

    Experiment - no 2 people are exactly alike

    I am now about 30 weeks into SCD, lost 41 pounds total (had a month off for a bad car accident). Could I be further, yes. Am I happy where I am - you bet - 6 sizes in pants lost - it's all good....

    Nov 15th 2012
    Mike B blogged:

    Losing a 1/4 of Mike

    23 years in the Military. Married with 4 kids - way over weight and concerned since most of the men in my family died early.

    Mar 9th 2012