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My 4HB Goal: And in the end, it�s not the years in your life that count. It�s the life in your years.



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sophkepi commented on Jake's reply:

any suggestion on cheat day plan?????

Mar 11th 2012
sophkepi commented on Jake's reply:

I guess ^^: I'm used to celsius so didn't think it's that low. I will try to measure tomorrow (at noon) again and update. thanks Jake

Mar 11th 2012

: ) thanks

Mar 11th 2012
sophkepi commented on Jake's reply:

: ) Fixed.

Mar 11th 2012
sophkepi asked a question:

Carb load day meal plan for small woman -Last Mile-

I'm on last mile. today is 6th day. I've learned that if your body temperature is below 98F I should eat carbs (10g per kilogram) (based on Laura Cox's answer on Mar 30th 2011) my temperature is a...

Mar 10th 2012
sophkepi blogged:

125lb to 105lb

I've always weight about 105~110lb. and past year or two i became so obsessed with food(thanks to Anthony Bourdain!!) trying to tast everything, eat anything anytime, eat dessert for every meal. b...

Mar 6th 2012