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A.Moore asked a question:

4 Weeks into Diet...

I'm starting my fourth week this week and am currently down 4.3 kg/nearly 10lbs. My starting weight was 95.5kg and now down to 90.2kg. My main goal is getting body fat down to 10% though. How's...

Mar 22nd 2012
A.Moore commented on Sam Green's reply:

Sam, how do you keep your body in fat burning mode rather than carb burning mode?

Mar 9th 2012

I've been trying these changes to my running also...feel really slow as well (I'm 6'4") Seems to make my calves a bit sore too. Anyone else...

Mar 9th 2012
A.Moore replied to battleship's question:

Has anyone used techniques in the book to prepare for events like Tough Mudder?

I'm racing in a UK Tough Mudder in the middle of May. I've been doing a lot of deadlifts, kettlebells and 400m sprints on the treadmill. It's not exactly sticking to the program for Endurance ...

Mar 9th 2012
A.Moore replied to Masterblaster's blog post:

Get an Accurate Scale

Good work! Keep it up!

Mar 6th 2012
A.Moore commented on Steph's reply:

Thanks, the cravings have gone away. Almond butter did really help!

Mar 2nd 2012
A.Moore asked a question:

Any SCD desserts?

On Day 3 of the SCD and yesterday was having some serious carb/sweet cravings! A Diet Coke helped a lot for the sweet tooth. Anybody had any dessert ideas that they use?

Feb 29th 2012
A.Moore commented on A.Moore's question:

Thanks for the replies so far! I guess it is just getting out of the 'breakfast' food mindset and eating the other foods for breakfast!

Feb 27th 2012
A.Moore asked a question:

Breakfast ideas for someone who doesn't like eggs?

Hi Guys, Just wondering if you had some breakfast ideas for someone who doesn't like eggs??? Thanks!

Feb 27th 2012
A.Moore replied to shrinkingleon's blog post:

My 2-Year Journey on the Four-Hour Body

You are doing awesome! Keep it up!

Feb 26th 2012
Feb 26th 2012
A.Moore replied to jplang11's question:

How to fit Chipotle in this diet?

As a lover of burritos, I'm excited to have 'naked' burritos quite a lot in the diet! There seem to be some good recipes on here!

Feb 26th 2012
A.Moore asked a question:

Coconut oil?

I use coconut oil for pretty much anything I cook. Is that allowed for the SCD?

Feb 26th 2012
A.Moore replied to manny's question:

Before and After (4 weeks pics)

Thanks for the post. I'm similar to you. I've always been in decent shape and hit the gym quite regularly but have never gotten my body fat below 12-15%. My goal is for 8-10% before August 2012. M...

Feb 26th 2012
A.Moore blogged:

Starting the 4HB!

I'm a 30 year old American living in London, UK. I'm getting married in Mexico in the beginning of August and have goals to cut down to 8-10% body fat for trip. I'm an actor and also enjoy wor...

Feb 26th 2012